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  1. Super cake! EAT IT! Nope i will not. A cake of that stature shall not be eaten.
  2. Great, I'm going to try DNF out soon. I loved Duke 3D, almost as much as Doom.
  3. Freeman finally used the magnum! Loved this episode. Oh yeah, and they finally solved that dinosaur debate too.
  4. I'm entitled to my own opinion BTW. Anyways, another would be figuring out that Reznov was dead the whole time, and that Mason was being a Schizophrenic the whole time. I hate moments like that.
  5. I hate Alyx. She is so obnoxious and follows Gordon around EVERYWHERE. And now, Eli wants Gordon to do the one thing I DON'T want him to do.
  6. Half-Life 2 Episode Two. Well, Alyx and Eli get reunited, and they start talking while I look around the room. Then Eli says: Now that the, uh, suppression field is down, we can all do our... part." FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-
  7. What is up with that number? I would, but the pool is angry. I smell like fish, but you wash the car? So many seals. Look out for flying turkey!
  8. Far Cry. A lot of fun but there are these mutated monkey things that jump at you and kill you in one hit. Plus, they like to hide in all the bushes at night. Also, there are these invisible mutant things that hop all over the place. Very frustrating fighting these things.
  9. I would be not surprised. What would you do if it started to rain fireballs and corrosive acid?
  10. No! The secret is not safe! Where will I go? Row row row your boat, gently up my @$$. Life is but a stream, but where is the cake? Argh, this will not do. They don't speak fyinnonese. Where did they say they cry? Nobody knows my sorrow. Give me some cake. The cake is a spy.
  11. Doom44 is a reference to my favorite game, Doom. 44 is just some random number I came up with.
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