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  1. Talking about trash compactors...What do you expect? That Freeman will climb up the boxes to safety or will he panic and run frantically, letting the boxes be crushed until the compactor stops? I only played the not-so-pretty graphics Half Life and I remember that even though it still killed you, the walls stopped before closing completely. Since he uses God-mode and noclip, maybe he'll just clim up the walls, ranting about suffocation or boasting about his "super-strong body that is able to stop crusher walls". Anyway he does it(even if he just climbs the boxes), I'm sure it will be awesome.
  2. Are making quotes from a dozen movies, actually humming their theme-songs, talking like a pirate and doing random physics related jokes when he sees something that catches his attention forms of "intelligent humor" or "sensible humor"? The main "humor factor" (pardon my limited english) of this series has always been Freeman's sarcasm, I-don't-care attitude and him pointing out the multiple illogical or downright stupid situations he witness or ends up in. Why don't you tell us what you define as "intelligent" or "sensible" humor? As far as I remember, this series has not being even remotely serious since the beggining and honestly, that's not what I expect, I love it the way it is now and would like to see it still following that path. I haven't read everything posted so far in this thread and I won't do it, as reading constant critizicing is just irritating. EDIT: Just wanted to add. It IS a good thing. There is a simple ideology between artists that says "If you've got a winning formula, then why mess with success?". It is NOT the best thing of course, but Ross Scott is free to follow it if he wants to.
  3. All you said is completely true. You know, I want to contribute something. Wanna know a trick to not get so upset about the delay between the time Ross finishes an episode and when it's released in Machinima? Easy, don't watch the progress bar. It works for me at least
  4. A new favourite of mine! "To wipe your ass, first orient your hand behind yourself, then move it forward. Or backward."
  5. "I am captain Gordon Freeman of the intergalactic house of pancakes and I order you to open!" "I always wondered if Moe would one day fucking lose it and kill the other two stooges for incompetence" "Great, now I have some options: I can either fall to my death in this black pit, land on the edge and gore myself with the jagged metal mesh or land on the concrete and maybe break my legs" (in a very cheerful manner) "Say hello to Yog Sothot and the elder gods for me" After that, I mostly remember ridiculous expresions one wouldn't really expect a theoretical physicist would use. Such as: "Boned" or "UHGA SAKA UHGA SAKA HUP!" ...and yeah, I have terrible memory for quotes. I normally remember the actions first
  6. I just went into Youtube. I wasn't even logged in but episode one was totally in the umm...highlights section I think? Sorry, my youtube is in spanish and it says "Destacados" which translates roughly as highlights, as "highlight of the day" or something. So, I was just really lucky, because I've never seen it there again and I had never searched for Half Life videos up to that moment.
  7. ? I don't think playing a musical instrument can do that to you. There has been no effect on my voice from playing the trombone...at least not yet. But hey, maybe if you can find a friend who has a voice that you think suits better while you write the script.
  8. Or maybe this is STILL a video game universe and the beggining of ep. 11 is how someone feels after respawning...as if he had just eaten a spoiled bag of Doritos and the fact that he had just eaten one was just a big coincidence. Anyway, you can't really expect this Freeman to be serious. Maybe if he is, he's just serious about saving himself, because really, since we never hear him talk in game, we can't say it's canon that he wanted to save the world or that he even listened to the scientists around him (not that they helped much anyway). What IS canon is that he killed a buttload of aliens and soldiers without hesitation...and that's called psychopathy. So Freeman wanting to escape and save his own life and accidentaly stopping the xen invasion by trying to do so is actually more likely to be canon than him willingly saving the earth. Conclusion: Ross Scott's Freeman is not serious at all (which is the secret of this series being so entertaining) but is actually very close to be the canon Freeman...at least for HL1. For HL2 we have to bring Alyx to the equation.
  9. Just once. Yeah, only the first time I watched the series. Then I watched different episodes without an specific order when I remembered something funny about them and had the urge to watch it again.
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