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  1. Ah, StarCraft 2, my favourite RTS of all time. I play as Terrans, just because I love their play style and MARAUDERS! I dunno what it is about those guys, but I just love 'em. I use them in every game, usually as part of MMM.
  2. I love this background because it combines my favourite game series, Mass Effect, with my favourite show, The Walking Dead.
  3. I'm an Atheist. So, therefore, I don't believe in any form of deity. People who do don't really bother me, as long as they don't try and force it on me. Hell, one of my best friends is a Christian. There's a lot of conflicting stuff in the bible, and I'm not about to agree with a book that says women are inferior to men and that we should stone gay people to death. And, well, if there is a God, I've got a lot of questions for him.
  4. Ah, yes, Bath Salts. Crazy shit. What's excellent is that they're legal in the state of Queensland, where I live. Yay. Also, what I want to know is why, in the case of the Miami Face-Eater, were they both naked?
  5. Oh...Hmm...The first game I ever played would have to be... I'm pretty sure it was a game called Blitzkreig. It was, as you could have guessed, a strategy game based on WW2. It intruduced me to the strategy genre, and video games as a whole. Hmm. I think I still have it around here, anyway. *Spends his next several hours of free time looking for an oddly specific game either in my room, or around my cluttered, messy, desk. Doesn't find it.*
  6. Hmmm. Probably something Fallout themed, because I absolutely love Fallout. If not that, probably some Machinima about the Rebels fighting the Combine. If I made one, I'd like it to be a serious one, no stupid jokes or memes. For the Half-Life one, I'd make it from the perspective of the regular guys, fighting and dying in districts of City 17 away from where the game takes you. This'll probably never get made, but if it does, I'd hope to have a certain someone who does an abosolute brilliant job of playing Gordon Freeman in a few episodes. I probably have the means to make this, too, considering I have friends who would likely commit to this, and I could use Fraps, I guess, to record it all. The Fallout themed one would be about an NCR Ranger. The story would probably start in 2270, and detail his rise from Trooper to Ranger, and the battle at Hoover Dam. I have a massive amount of Fallout stuff in Gmod, so this could also be plausible. Tell me what you think. Are these good ideas or bad ideas? I'd just like some general feedback.
  7. Well, one I would like would have a Paladin with a sword and shield ready for battle, preferably in silver, but any armor colour would do fine. Could he also have a holy-type light shining behind him? I don't have a render for you, sorry. If you can't do it, that's alright, but if you can, good luck.
  8. I think they're making the shit that Spetsnaz have to go through in training. http://www.cracked.com/article_19413_6-military-units-whose-training-would-traumatize-rambo_p2.html (Just read the part about the Spetsnaz, or the whole article, if you want. Cracked is very entertaining.) Either that, or, they're disposing of Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black, and Ke$ha fans.
  9. I'd go back and right the wrongs of history, and the human race. I'd like to see what would come out of that.
  10. Warhammer 40k: Space Marine. I can't download it for a while though, on account of my internet being almost capped. Damn you, 25 gig of download!
  11. Games that stop you from exploring their large, interesting architecture. If you stop to look at the amazing level design, or, in the most extreme of cases, stop moving for a second, large, glowing arrows pop up as to say "Did you forget you had to go this way, dumbfuck?" I don't mind when games have an indication of where you need to go, but make it so that it pops up when the player desires. Not when they stop moving.
  12. Yeah, I prefer Good, but I have finished it as evil. inFamous 1: three times as Good, twice as Evil. I just finished inFamous 2 on Evil a few days ago. I prefer the Good ending. Also, Eebodaba (Is that how you spell it?) did you try getting the damage protection upgrades?
  13. I'm so getting Festival of Blood. I love the inFamous games, and, I play as Good. I noticed something with the Karma system. Evil has very destructive powers, and you can eliminate a large number of enemies quickly, but do lots of damage to civilians with your powers. Good has more focused powers, and you do more damage to a single target, but you only hit that one target. I gotta admit though, that black lightning looks pretty badass.
  14. The Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes: 4.8/5 I really enjoyed this movie. The story and characters were good, and I really liked the plot. If you're kinda dumb, you might not understand it, but if you're decently intelligent... GO SEE IT NAOW!
  15. I really like Fallout, one of my favourite game series. I like Vault Boy as well.
  16. Huh. I'm an Aries. I'm not really into that horoscope stuff. The furthest I've delved into it is "Huh. My star sign is a ram. Cool."
  17. I voted yes, but they are pretty much biased against anything to do with technology. However, I'd like to see how the media respond if someone went out and did violent things, and then found out that they had a very large collection of Dora The Explorer stuff. Or would they just blame it on something else?
  18. I only kinda skimmed this, but as for the advice to keep a camera on you to capture evidence of corrupt cops or whatever, there's kind of a problem with that. Certain states in America have made it illegal to videotape a cop, or police actions, or whatever, I'm not exactly sure about what you can and can't do. However, if you do it, you can get a few years jail time, apparently. Or maybe I just fucked up my info big time.
  19. I read in a newspaper over here, his father was interveiwed about his son, and his own father said he should have killed himself. The man that did this may be insane, or maybe not. But, he is definately evil.
  21. I just got through eating two cups of noodles and drinking stale LA Ice. (It's homebrand Coca-Cola.)
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