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  1. I think you guys are giving him kindof bad advice. I agree that breaks are sometimes suitable, but usually 'take all the breaks you want its fine' is either coming from people who don't really know themselves all that well, or people who think that the majority of viewers are like them. In both cases it tends to end kindof badly. Minding, Ross seems to act like he kindof understands this, but the torrential flood of only 'do whatever man its cool' coming from all angles (including for instance most youtube comments) does seem like kindof a poor plan to follow. Regardless of whoever you are personally, most of his viewership is likely contingent on the quality and quantity of the content he puts out.
  2. I'm kindof curious as to what he thinks of the whole 'storming the capitol' thing that occurred since that is in some regards more or less exactly what he wanted. The capitol politicians certainly got pushed out of their comfort zone.
  3. Torrent looks to be working, downloading (and will then begin seeding).
  4. Fetching it up, will also seed. e: I also support the idea of a freemans mind torrent.
  5. I'd also be down for seeding such a torrent.
  6. I know ages ago ross was providing .mkv downloads for a lot of stuff, and there were some torrents out there to download the whole freemans mind series and such. Does any of that still exist? The video archives on the site dont seem to include download links anymore, in any case. I must expand the archives, and would greatly prefer something better than youtube rip quality (which i am currently in the process of downloading).
  7. So, I was going to put this in the machinima subforum, but for some reason my account wont stay logged in when I go to that page so I can't post anything there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qdj-xEDj0Q This is a really nice machinima made by Ian Chisholm (he made the clear skies eve online machinima). This video is really high quality but only has a few thousand views which I thought was a shame so I have kindof been occasionally plugging it when I see a chance to do so.
  8. The shot looks mildly like call of cthulhu, I dont think thats it though.
  9. This is far and above my favorite episode for some time. It may just be my sleepyheadedness but I seriously enjoyed this one.
  10. Could rip them from youtube and upload them I guess. Id seriously prefer a nice fancy MKV encoded version though, I set up windows media player special just for his videos then he stopped providing his shiny new format.
  11. Roosterteeth could certainly use a good series these days. Not sure if its the best of things for Ross though.
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