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  1. Yea I think aside from overtly and deliberately trying to drive ross insane we probably should be able to say when we dislike something, I assume he more or less knows what to expect from random internet people at this point anyhow
  2. I feel like you are a little behind the curve on games journalism companies being useless piles of shite Also yea the CIA is probably still putting their fingers into the punch bowl that seems rather beyond dispute to me
  3. This one didnt really hit with me, some jokes re-used (if i was in charge this wouldnt be happening for instance) others just not that good i guess? Maybe a little too dismissive of what is going on? I dont know I am really tired I just felt like I had to provide some kind of feedback.
  4. I didn't like barney's mind much either. Funnily enough I actually really liked Chell's mind, which his wife (Cyhanide) made but never finished. Figures I guess. A couple of other Chell's mind were made since then, this is the one I am on about:
  5. i used that one countdown timer website and behold https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20221204T00&p0=1440&font=cursive
  6. im not really concerned about the gravity gun thing, i think its certainly possible to make it work fine without it, and if anyone could find a way to make that entertaining ross likely could
  7. I do also think some of the annoyance is due to people genuinely thinking that the characters in half life 2 are good and reasonable, and freeman's reaction to them is upsetting that. I think attempting to portray alyx as this arrested-development type character is kindof a good faith effort on his part to make the character work better.
  8. I do feel as if some of you guys are overestimating your importance somewhat, I only posted because of the off chance that this conversation wound up swaying him somewhat. The blue planet mod for freespace was ruined by a handful of idiot testers who nobody else agreed with but who had relatively unique access to sway the creators, so I basically decided that not taking my chance to contradict people who I think are seriously wrong is almost always a mistake.
  9. To be honest I came here to ask if anyone was still making subtitle files, however I feel the need to add my own voice given the current direction of the conversation. Freemans mind 2 felt forced to me in some of the earlier episodes (probably even still leftover youtube comments from me buried in the massive piles of nearly completely uniform positivity from back then), however I think it really has started to come together. This episode felt forced compared to the directly preceding ones, but I thought that water hazard in general came out pretty good. I particularly like the new environments that got added during that section, and felt like gordon's reactions to things were fairly organic and felt relatively good. For instance, speculating about how the helicopter cherry bomb things worked seemed like a really organic thing for an engineer to be thinking/talking aloud about and came out really well. I think it gets most forced when gordon is interacting with the characters. For instance I felt as if the 'its as if this is just a game to her' joke in particular didn't really hit. Like there was an attempt to convey that it was a ridiculous mindset but he actually felt like it was pretty much to be expected, so what would have in past years been a joke came off sounding more tired and fed up than it did amusingly annoyed. Who knows, maybe thats the direction the character is going in, but I'm unsure if that was intentional. The impression I have personally gathered from the video chats is that continuing the series is considered to be a necessity. To be honest my personal impression of the ravening hordes of youtube dudes (many of whom are not very old and who are therefore not very even keeled) is that thats probably a correct conclusion. However as someone who personally really likes the series, I would ask that a fairly slow and circumspect schedule be taken in order to try to preserve the overall quality and that most focus be given to series that are of more immediate interest to produce. In the past year a total of two episodes of freemans mind 2 were released, and I think thats actually more or less enough to keep the hordes appeased, at least from looking at the view counts and so forth (https://socialblade.com/youtube/user/chilledsanity/monthly seems fairly flat over the past couple of years). I am therefore inclined to say that a handful of episodes a year might actually be an acceptable release schedule. This is a fairly long winded way of saying that I think overall the way you have been doing things the past year was right and you should continue, but I felt the need to justify myself.
  10. I think you guys are giving him kindof bad advice. I agree that breaks are sometimes suitable, but usually 'take all the breaks you want its fine' is either coming from people who don't really know themselves all that well, or people who think that the majority of viewers are like them. In both cases it tends to end kindof badly. Minding, Ross seems to act like he kindof understands this, but the torrential flood of only 'do whatever man its cool' coming from all angles (including for instance most youtube comments) does seem like kindof a poor plan to follow. Regardless of whoever you are personally, most of his viewership is likely contingent on the quality and quantity of the content he puts out.
  11. I'm kindof curious as to what he thinks of the whole 'storming the capitol' thing that occurred since that is in some regards more or less exactly what he wanted. The capitol politicians certainly got pushed out of their comfort zone.
  12. Torrent looks to be working, downloading (and will then begin seeding).
  13. Fetching it up, will also seed. e: I also support the idea of a freemans mind torrent.
  14. I'd also be down for seeding such a torrent.
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