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  1. I like to think that this is the real ending to Freeman's Mind. It certainly does fit better to the character than whatever's gonna happen to him at Xen.
  2. "what I have planned for it presents some unique challenges" Prepare for unforeseen consequences
  3. Well, that would be possible using the smackdown engine, as Ross did for Civil Protection
  4. Well, they have a long experience of shower curtain selling. And Cave Johnson.
  5. Well, in fact, I think he doesn't want to work as a slave for his fans. If everybody tells him that Freeman's Mind is more interesting than what ever he is working on, he'll keep working on it, and fans will like, or leave.
  6. Yeah, but if some likes and others can't stand it, why not stay to normal ?
  7. Indeed, they are. You may find this in the skill.cfg file. By editing it, this will set those damage values for every time you play, preventing you to write console commands at each level change. And by manipulating a little more the files, you can change the number of bullets per mag (like, having a magnum with 7 shots, or a rocket launcher with 4), which can certainly be useful.
  8. I do believe Freeman would have other stuff in mind when arriving to Xen.
  9. What kind of problem are you talking about ? There is no problem when I watch it
  10. Episode 32 (pretty much all quotes, but especially) : "-FUCK YOU FISH !" "-CALL ME ISHMAEL, bitch !" "-Hehe, I killed the shark."
  11. I think Freeman should be worried of his life more often, like he was when he was trying to escape from the shark's water (even if I don't remember if he was saying "-no, no, no !" or just "go, go, go !" )
  12. Mh... I'm having a little idea to improve Freeman's Mind. How can I tell about it to Ross ? Should I PM him ?
  13. Oh, yes, those grunts charging in. Well, it works well on my version of HL : source.
  14. I don't remember about cut sequence you're talking about. What was it supposed to be ? And, how do you make those introductions camera moves ? They're pretty cool ! Anyway, a really good episode. Seeing Freeman getting overwhelmed makes me laugh every time.
  15. Nah, this wouldn't be possible. First of all, Mike doesn't have the same personnality at all. Why wouldn't Freeman know how to aim anymore, why wouldn't he know what a houndeye is, and get his ass kicked by it, when he already faced thousands of them ? Well, Freeman is too good and crazy to be Mike.
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