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  1. Aw man, that was a brilliant game. Sadly, it should've been way more popular.
  2. I'm from Glasgow, Scotland. The place is alright, some nice people but tons of... not so nice people haha.
  3. You ever played the original Way Of The Samurai? Quite a good game, very bad camera.
  4. Have to agree on the one save file ONLY. Really sucks when more than one person want to play the same game on the same console/PC. Another thing is DLC being released on the same day as the game it's for, just seems totally greedy.
  5. Remember the name, Tommy Vercetti! My favourite character from the GTA Series and I'm sure he (kinda) qualifies as a hero.
  6. Hey! My name's Seanpaul and I'm from Scotland. I started off with Freeman's Mind which led me to this forum and I've actually been reading a lot of topics under the "Serious" (Sorry forgot what it was called) section. Some of you seem highly intelligent, it's a nice change from some other forums I've been on!
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