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  1. I got Portal 2 and Arkham City, but since I was sick I ended up beating them within 3 days.
  2. I saw it on youtube back when I was playing Half-Life for the first time. I was probably looking up how to get past a certain part or something when I came across it. I've been watching it ever since.
  3. Bioshock was the first game I've ever played that made me think "this should just be a movie." Even though it was already mentioned, I still think that's a great idea. I also agree that Duke Nukem, Half-Life, and Amnesia would all make awesome movies. However, as much as I love Halo, I don't think that the movie could possibly live up to my expectations. I do think some good ones would be Resident Evil (yes I know they already have those, but I'm talking about ones that actually follow the games, rather than coming up with their own plot), and one based off of Modern Warfare. However, I'm not sure how exactly it would work, because I doubt anyone who's not a fan of the games would go see a movie based on it; and anyone who's a fan of it already would know the story.
  4. I don't have a list, but I must say that Final Fantasy VII's soundtrack was easily my favorite soundtrack of any game ever. Halo: CE and Resident Evil were also pretty great imo.
  5. I usually play as Soldier so I can spam rockets, and I also play as Spy once in a while. This is also partly because my computer can only handle like 16 FPS.
  6. Shooters and RPGs, but I'll play any decently-made game that isn't a RTS. Usually, I won't play sports or racing games either, but there are a handful of exceptions.
  7. I thought that was the best ending ever.
  8. I think you should get it. I wouldn't know about the PC version, considering I bought it on my 360 (my computer would never run it). Regardless, the story is awesome and the gameplay is much improved. In my opinion, it feels like a combination of CoD 4 and MW2, with some new elements thrown in. The only thing I don't quite like about it is a couple of the multiplayer maps have lots of places where you can get killed from pretty much every angle, if anyone's around. However, that is a small complaint. Honestly, I haven't played a Call of Duty game that I've enjoyed this much since the first Modern Warfare.
  9. I was pretty happy about that, but as awesome as is, I was even more excited by the appearance of
  10. I've not been playing it the last couple of days due to having just gotten MW3. What I can say is that fighting dragons is awesome, and the Dark Brotherhood questline is quite short (and awesome).
  11. Planning to preorder it so I can get actually get a copy when it comes out. I'm probably just going to be a Nord, and use physical attacks and two-handed weapons. Edit: I preordered it last night
  12. I don't really think Call of Duty 5 counts as underrated...
  13. There should be a "screw overhyped FPS games" option.
  14. I remember the first run in I had with a "dog". I learned a valuable lesson: hit it with a hammer enough times, and it will die. As long as it doesn't get up and run off while you're beating it, it shouldn't be much of a problem. Pickax is best dog-killer. Yep.
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