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  1. I think out of all these that is the one I can hear him say the easiest.
  2. True, but we are talking about something designed for use in physical research, which if anything actually makes it worse. You're not gonna want something that screws with your measuring equipment just by being in the general vicinity, to say nothing of what actually carrying it that way might do. Again, it's just a gameplay mechanic, not an actual in-universe phenomenon. Any non-ironic attempt to explain it is trying too hard. You're right about the power thing. I don't know a lot about Halo technology, but it's clear from some of the other devices present that they do have some kind of miniaturized hi-output power technology. Even with that though, it's still way more problematic than just using slings and/or webbing clips. So I still say the whole idea exists solely because some fans can't wrap their OCD heads around the fact that, being a game and not reality, the image presented is going to be imperfect and full of technical compromises. It's like if you happened to catch a glimpse of an uncovered screw on the side of the (pre-CG) Starship Enterprise. Would you ignore it, knowing that is just a goof-up on the shooting model, or would you feel the need to assume that the "real" starship has some kind of giant techno widget that just happens too look exactly like a three meter diameter #4 Phillips screw head? Or to use another example, do you ever while watching a movie find your self wondering what kind of in-world observer the camera POV represents, or do you just instinctively accept it as the nature of the media? How about novels written in the third person? Point is, the fact that it is media and not realty means there's always going to be areas where the compromises of that media make themselves known. The map is not the territory, but there's always people who for some reason can't parse that effectively. So you get things like anime cosplayers who wear pink wigs because they can't understand when pink is just a stylistic stand in for strawberry blond (or blue for black, etc., granted there are some characters who's crazy hair color actually is supposed to be literal, but these are a minority, and usually contextually obvious), and video game fans who can't understand that slings are just an expendable pain in the ass for the devs to model and animate, or that the ability to carry twenty guns at once is put there for the players' experience, not the characters'. The only way a thread like this makes sense is irreverent fun. Any attempt to actually, seriously treat it as in-world reality would be cross-eyed. No, sorry. That line of reasoning is a false dichotomy and always kind of a cop out excuse. Having a given level of acceptable breaks from reality is not logically the same as anything can happen. It is entirely possible to break a given setting by doing things that conflict with either the internal logic or style. That wasn't really a cop out, it was more of a "and this is why i don't really give a shit in the end" kind of thing catch my drift.
  3. well yea I would agree with you but as far as we know the hev suit wasnt developed for fighting anything other then a wild xen alien, the likes of which i doubt would have much of a grasp on tactical warfare. i mean it seems to make more sense then pulling them out of thin air. plus the spartans armor had miniature reactor cores in them so power wasnt a worry. but this is just a game you know? (it had a giant floating fetus with telepathic abilities as a final boss) anythings possible.
  4. actually guys, we wouldn't share the same DNA code, so we wouldn't be able to eat them anyway.
  5. I always kinda assumed the suit had magnets on it like the Spartans in halo.
  6. not as strong as methamphetamine but it lets you keep your teeth.
  7. he who holds a carrot in front of a Donkey while riding it will go the farthest, but he who holds a laptop in front of a teenage girl will go the same distance.
  8. calls in pearl and sends the massive titan on a ship called the satellite of love, where he is forever doomed to build robot side kicks and watch terrible b-movies as i monitor his brain and call in from time to time to say hi and force him to watch more. I now plant several magical friendship claymores that make you bleed sunshine and explode in rainbows. oh yea and ponies. the hill is now mine. Kicked: Admin decision. aw hell..................
  9. Anyone else want to see this guy again at some point?
  10. crab. chicken. rabbit. or, for some reason i always though they might taste like potato chips, thats probably because of the yellow blood.
  11. "WHY DIDN'T I INDUCE VOMITING WHEN I ATE THOSE BAD DORITOS?" or *after gonarch fight* great, i just killed a giant testicle, whats next on my to do list? ah, kill a giant fetus great *sees ninalith* I GUESS THE ALIENS DON'T UNDERSTAND SARCASM. you know, ive never really believed those people that said inside every adam theres a smaller universe, but this settles it, ive been crawling around inside a giant body all day, the vents were the sphincters, all the radioactive slime was the body trying to digest me, that....thing that puked the tiny facehuggers was a testicle, and this....thing is a fetus, im crawling inside a universe that has no specific gender. im just a cancer cell iside a giant f*****g person. WELL IM NOT THAT EASY TO CURE. PREPARE TO BE ABORTED. EAT THIS. *freeeeeemaaaaannnnnn*JESUS CHRIST, THIS THING'S USING ITS MIND TO FIGHT ME WITH PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE , I HOPE HE DOESN'T MAKE AN ALIEN TELEPORT INSIDE ME. *kills ninalith* if only i had soe plaster of paris, i could turn this thing into a statue and leave it here forever as a monument to my awesomness. does this make me their leader now? are they my minions now?" and thats it. best i could come up with.
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