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  1. Criss Angel, now that's a name I haven't heard in ages. edit: holy shit how embarrassing lmfao
  2. Tanked prices are a weird effect of supply and demand, particularly in the case of a product that has infinite supply with no cost of production per unit. Games with insane demand have insane prices (terraria is often only a dollar, portal 2 is often only 2) You wouldn't see a brand new $60 AAA release dropping prices if they relied solely on producing and shipping physical copies for sales, but when a game has zero demand whatsoever, even upon launch, price will plummet just to make any reasonable sales figures because digital copies cost literally nothing to produce. Case in point, not long after launch, you could get Just Cause 3, 4, Mafia 3 for somewhere around $20. Fallout 76 dropped to a paltry $17 (or was it $12?) during the holiday season just weeks after launch to make literally any return on that piece of garbage. It's an issue with bad games and games nobody cares about, you'll rarely see a brand new game like Sekiro or NieR Automata drop below $50 during a sale, at least not until a year or so post-release.
  3. all i'm saying is that color design is a hell of a lot more complex than just broadening a palette. you can make a game look good with fewer colors if you know why those colors need to be there. you know this judging by that saboteur screenshot, but frankly, black and red is rarely an interesting color palette. then again, dunno why i'm responding if i'm likely to also just get blocked and shot down.
  4. Colorblindness is quite common, 1 in every 12 men suffer from some form of it. I bring this up because you're complaining a lot about games that are actually quite vibrant and colorful, and over-representation of colors that aren't over-represented. Consider getting your eyes checked. That said, you're also quite demanding when it comes to color design. You can complain about Battlefield 3 having a blue tinge to it, but it's aesthetically appropriate and doesn't really look bad, especially if you're like me and really like soft, cool color palettes and find them relaxing.
  5. cute picrew pfp. most of us are more active over in the discord if you wanna join us over there. https://discord.gg/neHwmv
  6. I have a favorite for every year and that's basically what my top 10 is. 2010, Fallout: New Vegas 2011, Dark Souls 2012, Hotline Miami 2013, Battlefield 4 2014, Dark Souls 2 2015, Undertale 2016, Stardew Valley 2017, NieR: Automata 2018, this one depends on if you want to count technically unfinished games. Deltarune if yes, Celeste if no. 2019, Resident Evil 2
  7. Annie

    Discord Group

    probably the fact that it's incredibly simple and convenient to use and has lots of neat and useful features? soulless is a weird thing to criticize a chat platform for being.
  8. Famine and wartime usually.
  9. George Hudson and countries facing crises of various scale* Global time measurement wasn't even standardized in Franklin's time.
  10. Probably not. It's not like nobody can ever discuss the show anymore now that it's over. And in fairness, this thread hasn't ALWAYS been used solely for show discussion anyway.
  11. for a great low rate you can get online go to the general to save some time
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