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  1. Annie

    What is Hell

    I do love being too slow to read things properly
  2. Annie

    This or that?

    light brown Night elves or Blood elves?
  3. Annie

    Article 13

    Depends on what you mean by "the west". I hate to draw conclusions, but when I see someone evoke this concept of "the west" it's typically a right-wing idea that boils down to "the free world of rich capitalist nations" that may or may not include "also white people live here." I've always viewed the EU as an authoritative pro-corporate entity and, honestly, almost a striking image of what Mussolini would've wanted. By extension the EU seems completely western to me.
  4. Annie

    Halo: Master Chief Collection going to Steam

    There wasn't a single insult in any of that post, not that crying "ad hominem" makes you correct at all. And honestly, you think I should be concerned about my optics? When you have a notoriety for being one of the most hypocritical, ignorant, and narcissistic people on this forum? I've never once seen you admit to being wrong on anything despite you putting your ignorance proudly on display being a regular occurrence here. The topic at hand was MCC possibly killing off Xbox as a platform, I expressed my disagreement and am simply standing by it.
  5. Annie

    Halo: Master Chief Collection going to Steam

    No, there really aren't. If a game is good enough and popular enough it will still have seeders, and if it doesn't it's either free to download anyway or hasn't had seeders for ages anyway. I've found seeded torrents for obscure VNs and anime long before there were even official translations for them. You can find seeded torrents for the original retail version of TF2, and there's nobody fucking playing it. If you're really that insistent on keeping pirated files, you can do that digitally anyway. Or hell, why not just swallow your pride and fork over some money for something for once.
  6. Annie

    Halo: Master Chief Collection going to Steam

    Because there's literally no fucking point in burning DVD-Rs of pirated games. You could hop on thepiratebay at any given time and download whatever the fuck you want to play, and emulation and virtual drives exist for everything else. The entire reason people seek out physical copies with everything intact is because they're collectors' items, like LPs or books. There's no other reason to own a physical copy of anything these days because everything is digital, it's mostly done because people like collecting things that are real and tangible. If you think a bootleg is an acceptable replacement for a genuine copy, then by definition, you have low standards.
  7. Annie

    Last post made wins

  8. Annie

    Halo: Master Chief Collection going to Steam

    I counted the Halo series as an exclusive in itself. It's fair to call MCC 4 exclusives but the last title in MCC came out in 2012.
  9. Annie

    Halo: Master Chief Collection going to Steam

    A shitty bootleg DVD in a generic crystal case isn't the same as a physical retail copy with the booklet and codes. I don't have low standards like you.
  10. Annie

    Halo: Master Chief Collection going to Steam

    On a different note though, I'm glad I FINALLY get to play Halo 3 and Reach on PC.
  11. Annie

    Halo: Master Chief Collection going to Steam

    I feel like it should be noted that dedicated Xbox players aren't going to switch to PC because Xbox lost some exclusives. Most PS4 players wouldn't switch to PC if Bloodborne got ported, not to mention console is your only current option if you want to keep physical copies of your games.
  12. Annie

    What are you listening to?

  13. Annie

    What is Hell

    working at amazon
  14. Annie

    What is Hell

    I'd like an (ideally turn-based) Fallout that takes place either in Texas, with the brotherhood in opposition to Caesar's legion, or something in the Great Lakes region as it's more or less a blank slate with a lot of potential (Detroit, Chicago, Niagara falls, Toronto, the actual lakes and so on.) But sadly, as long as Bethesda owns the IP they're just going to milk it instead of doing anything interesting with it. In some respects
  15. Annie

    What is Hell

    Which you don't even know

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