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  1. TIL winamp is still a thing.
  2. I'm pretty clear on what my point is, I'm guessing Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be the quintessential "wow! cool future!" game because they're not going to do enough to create a compelling cyberpunk narrative, that's my point and always has been.
  3. Again, I think you're missing the point.
  4. I mean, yes, direct action against corporations would be advisable but not currently practical in my opinion. I'm saying more that if you want a cyberpunk narrative to be compelling you shouldn't stop at "corporations bad".
  5. Corporations are usually depicted as the bad guys because actual corporations are bad. Not a tough concept. That said, it's not really enough to be critical of corporations. A major theme of cyberpunk as a genre is a critique of capitalism's tendency to give way to corporate power, which BEYOND being above the law for all intents and purposes, is always highly unethical. Bad labor conditions, anti-union practices, profiting off of disasters which leave everyone else in a financial hell.
  6. More like PC trashter race
  7. This still has the exact same effect I'm worried about. Fallout New Vegas was explicitly clear on who the good guys and bad guys were while also being openly critical of the good guys. If they want the game to be like FNV in this regard I'll be glad, and if they're less wishy-washy with the narrative than the outer worlds turned out to be then I'll definitely be impressed, but I'm not optimistic. Cyberpunk as a concept is explicitly anti-capitalist and makes a clear statement against infinite growth and other such capitalist ambitions. If they don't take a side I have no faith in the narrative of the game. I hope I'm proven wrong but so far the game is shaping up to be mediocre at best for me.
  8. Correct. You're missing the point. You can't avoid creating a political narrative when you're making a cyberpunk game, but considering CDPR's stated goal of not making a political statement with the game I can only assume it will end up having a shallow narrative at best. You know how some people will say they like to avoid politics? That's because politics alienates people and makes them feel uncomfortable. I can only assume the reason CDPR wants to avoid making a political statement with the game is because they don't want to alienate people or make them feel uncomfortable, but in doing so they're likely going to sacrifice a compelling narrative.
  9. 8e5c2b5997390a765471aad4662f63bd1ef3efde.mp4
  10. I'm fully convinced this is gonna be something akin to Fallout 4, a creatively bankrupt game with a boring if not insulting narrative, but astounding gameplay and interesting mechanics. On one hand, the level of customization afforded to the player is amazing which is ideal for a great roleplaying experience, on the other, you simply can't create a cyberpunk game with a compelling narrative if the narrative is supposed to be apolitical.
  11. p6DmUYOORPKSHkZM.mp4
  12. Annie

    Hell Jobs

    I think I have most people beat considering I used to be an Amazon employee. I hope Bezos rots in hell.
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