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  1. Far Cry 5 First impressions so far:
  2. If you think the series is simply about drug dealing and killing cops you're missing the point. Not that drugs and cop killing aren't awesome, but GTA VC, SA, and 4 have all been some of the best games about organized crime I've played, narratively speaking and just in terms of how FUN they are.
  3. Far Cry 5. First Ubisoft game I played since FC3, moderately disappointed that Uplay is still required.
  5. Interesting take and the author does get some things correct. Notably that there isn't really a concrete way to define what fascism is. Fascism as a political concept is a bit of a grift, it's easy to identify based on a number of characteristics, but a fascist doesn't necessarily need to display every characteristic in their belief to be a fascist, which gives them plausible deniability which they love to use to their advantage to make their political ideology more marketable/palatable. That said, the video itself doesn't really address the central question and focuses on whether or not the word "fascist" has any weight in discourse, which I think is a totally meaningless and irrelevant discussion. And speaking of: I'm not at all a fan of David Pakman but I'll give him credit where it's due. He does do a decent job of painting Marxism in broad strokes without grossly overgeneralizing, and he does make a completely valid point in more or less saying Marxism is, in addition to an economic theory, a lens with which to view economic and societal issues (this is why I'm not shy about calling the U.S. or its leaders fascist, it's very easy to rationalize from a Marxist perspective). What he does get wrong is placing special emphasis upon anarchism in particular and social democracy in particular, social democracy not really being worth mentioning in the discussion of whether or not socialism is effective because it's not socialism, and anarchists proving to be wholly ineffective in establishing a permanent and functional socialist society and stopping fascism. This video frankly goes off the deep-end in describing Marxist-Leninist systems as "right-wing totalitarian perversions" of Marxism when they've thus far been the only effective systems in putting a stop to the fascists and despots of their time and establishing a system of proletariat liberty. You need not be a Marxist-Leninist to be a good leftist, but you shouldn't demonize those who actually value the effectiveness of good praxis. Left unity is important. Given that you have a history of quote mining and picking apart posts, and stomping off in a hissy fit after reporting posts you don't like, I don't entirely know why I'm giving you the time of day. Regardless: The research is yours to conduct. Once you take the numbers given to you you'll find a number of inconsistencies. The black book of communism is a common citation for anti-socialist sentiments, and yet it's been thoroughly debunked and its method of acquiring such statistical figures has been brought in to question numerous times by now. Even if you wanted to take the deep-end estimates for how many have died by fault of socialist governments, they don't hold a candle to the most generous estimates of how many die due to negligent management of resources under capitalism alone. Food wastage, carbon emissions, this isn't to mention wars fought in profit of the military industrial complex and of course, rampant human trafficking rings that all take place underground and between wealthy elites which by this point has not only been proven but is simply common knowledge. Capitalism is immoral, disregards the life, health, and well-being of others, and creates more suffering the world over through death, poverty, and slavery than communism could've ever hoped to accomplish. This isn't even to address how sketchy the estimates are to begin with. The holodomor is simply assumed to be an intentionally conducted genocide but examining the details makes it much less black and white. The fact that many of these details were fabricated by Nazi collaborators should tip you off, and of course there have been many casualties of war carried out by the Nazis but attributed to Communism. This is just speaking of the USSR, I could go in to detail about the DPRK and PRC, but admittedly I'm not well-versed in the history of the PRC and I'm not all too familiar with the inner workings of the DPRK's government.
  6. but marxism leninism as a political ideology has been the most effective thus far at eliminating poverty and liberating working and marginalized people. the u.s. is a fascist superpower and needs to fall for the betterment of mankind, and a system run by the proletariat for the proletariat needs to be established in its place
  7. We've been on friendly terms for like a year now.
  8. He has a habit of spouting complete nonsense, some of which would almost be correct if he wasn't completely missing or ignoring important details. I mean, you can't expect all 18k of those posts to be winners, but I'd at least hope some of them weren't losers.
  9. Again, wrong, there is no antibiotic that can cure a virus and there certainly is no cure for HIV. There is treatment that can make it easier to live with and more difficult to spread, but that'd be grossly misunderstanding what the drug actually does. You still have HIV even if you're living so comfortably with it that you may as well not have it.
  10. Antibiotics don't do anything because it's a virus. Viruses can't be cured by antibiotics or antifungals because it's not a bacterium or fungus. It's a virus. The only defense against viruses are vaccines and the immune system, and beyond that you can never cure a virus, only treat it. This is a complete myth. Another scaremongering tactic in the long line of sinophobic propaganda that's been flooding western media in recent months, in fact. Wuhan has officially been quarantined, doctors in Wuhan are working around the clock to develop a vaccine and treat patients, and the Chinese government has ordered construction of more hospitals to house the sick. I hate to have to defend China on this one but it's always annoying to see the blame tossed upon them when the media blows any major news story regarding them completely out of proportion.
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