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  1. I'm assuming his response was deleted by a mod or something, but yes, he's a little unhinged.
  2. I finally completed my When They Cry collection. I couldn't pass up Higurashi and Ciconia all on sale. Now if only Higanbana could come to Steam as well.
  3. Or maybe they just don't want a rambling quadruple post.
  4. Dunno if you missed it but I did ask you to cite your sources. You still have yet to do so.
  5. Wow, that's a new one, saying the federal government and by extension the Trump administration are powerless to prevent disaster of this scale. That's... almost complete nonsense, actually. I'm curious about how you came to that conclusion in the first place. Show me your sources. Calling it now: Conservative opinion piece on why a federal mask mandate would be unconstitutional. Collectivism and individualism are some of my favorite buzzwords, they're great at outing people as political illiterates. Not to say collectivism and individualism have no conceptual meaning, but god, "collectivist insect colonies"? Why have any nuanced understanding of complex economic and political dichotomies when you can just boil them down to extremely broad and vague terms that aren't even mutually exclusive to begin with? Actually, there's a pretty common criticism of this exact line of thinking you might hear from socialists, if you ever take the time to hear one out: The notion of socialism being a perfectly collectivist concept and capitalism being a perfectly individualist concept doesn't hold up to scrutiny. Take our late capitalist hellscape we're living in now for example. I don't know what your economic status is but I'm quite poor, not eligible for welfare despite being a bona fide head case, and my options for higher education are basically next to none. The system for someone like me is purely coercive, I work or I die, simple as. This simple fact means I don't get to enjoy the same personal liberties as an individual who makes $5k a year more than me, and that individual doesn't enjoy the same liberties as someone who makes $5k per year more than them, and so on. The poorer you are, the greater sacrifice you have to make to your personal individual autonomy to survive, and that arguably isn't very individualistic. That said, while I may be envious of that guy who makes 5k a year more than I do, we're all envious of that greedy asshole who sits at the very top, and that's what collectivism is for. When collectivist structures are introduced, they help level the playing field so more people can enjoy more individual liberty. Unions are a great example of this. If you have the time, there's this great horror movie called "The Platform". It's a critique of capitalism and how economic class divides and alienates people and destroys lives. TL;DR you can't be independent if your autonomy is infringed upon, and you can't prevent others from infringing upon your individual autonomy if you aren't part of a collective
  6. You need to be more specific if you want your argument to hold any water.
  7. Ah yes, because it's oh-so sad that the man who's been DENYING us that healthcare reform and being totally negligent in his handling of a global pandemic is getting his cosmic justice. I'm in tears. Fuck off. Trump can rot in hell for all I care, the blood of thousands of not millions of innocent people is on his hands and I hope he gets what he deserves.
  8. I've seen some delusional people in my time but you Trump cultists have some special kind of brain rot.
  9. Not all too worried about the idea of pence being president considering there's very likely only a few months left of the Trump administration. The Trump cult is never gonna be won over but if you don't think the debate has been hell on his public image you're either blind or not paying attention.
  10. I'm pretty clear on what my point is, I'm guessing Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be the quintessential "wow! cool future!" game because they're not going to do enough to create a compelling cyberpunk narrative, that's my point and always has been.
  11. Again, I think you're missing the point.
  12. I mean, yes, direct action against corporations would be advisable but not currently practical in my opinion. I'm saying more that if you want a cyberpunk narrative to be compelling you shouldn't stop at "corporations bad".
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