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  1. I've mentioned it before but I feel I should reiterate: Fallout 4 is a severely underappreciated Fallout game. I get not loving the writing and characters which are pretty core to an excellent Fallout experience but I feel the gameplay makes up for that pretty well.
  2. man did you unironically bitch about sjws in the anno domini of our lord
  3. Is the name change feature broken ATM? I can't seem to be able to change my display name.
  4. Funny enough I've still heard no comment on the narrative all these months later. Positive things about the gameplay and world, negative things about performance and bugs, basically nothing on the actual story which I genuinely think is the single most important part of a good RPG.
  5. No use hunting for unicorns. Lovecraft's work isn't made for a visual medium, actually, trying to adapt his work to a visual medium kinda misses the point.
  6. Well what the fuck else am I supposed to extrapolate from "the same can be said for Biden" in response to "I can't see someone holding these positions also supporting Trump"? Slight paraphrasing but if I left something out I'm sure you'd be more than happy to point out what.
  7. ????? What can be said in regards to Biden? That it doesn't make sense to support him while also being against slimy corporate and government practices? Because last I checked it wasn't Biden who appointed a corporate telecommunications exec as chairman of the FCC, pulled out of the Paris climate deal, tried on several occasions to erase LGBTQ+ rights, and used his position of power to shill for private interests. The people who voted for Biden didn't do so because they think he's an honest man, they did so because the alternative turned half the republican party in to a far-right authoritarian cult of personality that harbors white supremacists, conspiracy theorists, and domestic terrorists. Believe it or not, it actually is quite beneficial to not have a guy like Trump in office, even if who we got isn't all that great.
  8. no such mod currently exists F4NV is in development but it will probably remain so for at least another couple of years
  9. actually that's pretty much what my ideal mod would be. if someone could figure out how to de-jank FNV's movement it would make the game immeasurably better.
  10. Depends, are we talking 1/2 or NV/TTW? NV modding has picked up a hell of a lot over the past couple of years but unfortunately there's still a lot of engine-level shit that honestly still make the game really difficult to come back to all these years later. The big one for me is the janky ass movement, like, there feels like a really heavy input delay, when you stop moving you occasionally lurch in whatever direction you were moving in, the jumping feels really stiff, that kind of thing. Movement is arguably the most important aspect in a first person shooter. FNV is fine in that it leans more heavily on its RPG elements than its FPS elements and can use VATS to fill in the gaps, but gameplay starts to feel stale when you're relegated to using VATS the majority of the time.
  11. Linux. If you're going to change the OS on your system just swap to a Linux-based system, IMO. If you're an absolute beginner to Linux I'd recommend looking in to getting Mint, XFCE or MATE version if you're very concerned about performance.
  12. Don't get me wrong, I'm not for this kind of gun control, but there is a solution to gun violence and domestic terrorism that democrats don't understand and republicans totally ignore.
  13. I'm not underestimating it, I've lived in the south for the first 20 years of my life, I'm just acknowledging the historical fact of the subject and stating my doubts. Seriously, the closest thing to my memory of a form of armed resistance to legal firearm seizure is the ATF raid on the Branch Davidians in Waco, and that was an unjust massacre on the ATF's part. Pro-2Aers love to go on about their rights and what's an infringement upon them but seriously, unless there's an actual attempt made on a mass scale to seize firearms that were previously perfectly legal (and not in a grey area like ghost guns), I seriously doubt anyone's gonna kick up much of a fuss. Like, I'm with Marx on this one, the working class should be armed and nobody should attempt to disarm them, but that's just plain idealism and it isn't a practical approach to the gun issue in 21st century America. The pro-2A folks are the same people who praise cops and other federal institutions and are pretty strictly against working class liberation, they're the LAST people I'd expect to actually kick up a fuss about ACTUAL gun control especially considering their concerns with gun control are totally misplaced and misguided.
  14. There's a difference. Capitol hill was attacked because the president at the time was pushing claims of election fraud and making calls to action. Organized political action doesn't just happen, it needs a catalyst, and I don't think more gun control measures exactly count as a catalyst for that sort of thing considering they never have been in the past. The thing about this situation that really puts doubt in to my mind is, doesn't the most recent gun control measure target ghost guns specifically? Regardless of your opinion on them that's simply too niche of a target to inspire ANY sort of organized action.
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