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    Clear Dazar'alor on mythic.
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  3. good riddance, to be honest.
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    Do you listen to yourself? Mr. Galaxy Brain comparing enjoying a TV show to doing meth. You're proving my point here. It's not an "elitist view" to suggest that art is subjective and can be enjoyed/disliked by different people with different perspectives for different reasons, and that all art is subjective and has some value to somebody. Trying to suggest that someone enjoying something that YOU don't like is similar to someone doing meth is literally you comparing something completely subjective to another thing completely objective, and that IS an elitist attitude to have. It doesn't matter how much you want to frame your viewpoint as "I'm not telling you what to like/dislike", you have essentially just said "you're wrong if you like something that I dislike" and vice versa. And if I'm misinterpreting what you said, then how about trying to correct me instead of bitching about it? You only said 5 words, "stop thinking and just enjoy", what deeper meaning did you want me to read in to here?
  6. Annie

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    Addendum: "Not thinking about something" isn't the same as enjoying something in spite of it's flaws. I've said it before, but just for the sake of clarity: if you need to stop thinking about what you're doing, it's probably not very interesting otherwise.
  7. Annie

    Random thread

    You do understand I only tell you when shit's subjective because you have an obnoxious tendency to state your opinions as though they're fact and have a very bad issue with not letting people enjoy/hate things, right? Then again, I'm talking to the guy who's an advocate for not thinking.
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    This line of thinking is surprisingly common for how retarded it is. If you have to "stop thinking" about something to enjoy it then it's not good. Inconsistencies in writing or universe or whatever can be excusable if there's a redeeming factor, but if there isn't then you're just constantly distracted by the negatives of what you're watching. JoJo's has a ton of a logical inconsistencies, retcons, and unfinished, unexplored plot points, but you rarely ever notice them just because of how creative the writing and action and art style are.
  10. Annie

    Random thread

    Addendum: I'm also not saying there's rarely or never any innovation in the film industry, but it's not more common than repetition and unoriginal content. Marvel is making a killing off of extremely repetitive superhero films and Disney is releasing a boatload of live-action remakes. Not to say these aren't well made movies, but they certainly aren't "good" movies at least by my standards. Foreign art is often much better than U.S. industry art as it very often fills more niches than industry. It's why anime has exploded in popularity.
  11. Annie

    Random thread

    Well to toss my unwarranted opinion in to the ring, there's a very valid reason why film critics are widely disliked by people who enjoy movies: art is subjective. The attitude that you can objectively measure certain aspects of what make a film good is extremely elitist and dismissive, as any single piece of art can mean something completely different to any two people. Not to mention narrow minded, as art is meant to be viewed from different perspectives, not just one single corporate perspective. When you boil down good film to a handful of boxes to tick, or sliding scales, you create an environment in which artists rarely innovate in order to score high on conventional measures of success. Just because several critics claim a movie to be good or bad doesn't actually make that movie good or bad. By the same measures critics treat as objective, Star Wars 7 and 8 are very successful are widely considered to be great movies, even though in actuality they are quite unpopular with casual filmgoers and longtime fans alike. This doesn't mean film criticism itself is worthless, but film criticism as an industry is shallow and lacking in perspective, and we shouldn't be putting the opinions of film critics on a pedestal.
  12. Well, rather than downplaying them to irrelevance, the media has essentially villainized Antifa to the point where there's much more misinformation out there about it than genuine discussion. The narrative has been driven to a "rioting and political violence is evil" narrative despite those very concepts being important to the foundation and social/political advancements of this nation. The spirit of civil unrest has all but disappeared in this country and all we have left are bootlickers. It's saddening.
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