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  1. how did nobody notice that this guy is obviously a spam bot?
  2. Honestly it's a shame what happened to TF2, in its prime it was probably the greatest multiplayer shooter ever made, and then Valve adopted this really rigid balancing philosophy and just kinda stripped TF2 of everything that made it fun. I feel like I should clarify though that I don't really hate comp TF2 though, and I don't blame the TF2 comp community for what happened to the game at all. Well, not entirely anyway. Valve did get a lot of their balancing advice from high profile comp players but the fact that the TF2 competitive scene today is largely identical to what it was 10 years ago is kind of a testament to how badly Valve fucked up here. Like, okay, I feel like I should put this in to perspective here: In the 6s meta in 2011, you'd run two scouts and they'd use almost entirely stock because everything else was blacklisted or nonviable. The main exception was the boston basher which usually at least one of the scouts took to help medic build uber, and either of them could offclass to sniper to go for picks. The ONLY THING that fundamentally changed about these positions was that the cozy camper was added and the razorback was blacklisted. Almost completely identical. Then you had a roamer and a pocket soldier, roamer always taking stock launcher or the original, gunboats, and (iirc) stock melee or the pain train, and the pocket always taking stock or original, stock shotgun, and same choice of melee. Again, the only change between then and now was that the equalizer was split between two weapons which meant that roamers could use the escape plan. Well, that and some roamers got REALLY good at market gardening so you'll see one of those from time to time. Nearly identical. As for medic and demo, medic is largely the same considering both of the new mediguns that have been added since are banned in competitive 6s and the crusader's crossbow has ALWAYS been meta. Demo probably sees the largest fundamental change in that now he has the iron bomber which is often preferred among demo mains. Meanwhile the balance of pub TF2 is completely different. The degreaser and axtinguisher, two choices which made the pyro competitive in pubs, have been nerfed quite dramatically. The spy's ambassador got an entirely pointless nerf which nearly the entire community has spoken out against, it hasn't since been reverted. Demoknight is a mere shadow of how amazing it used to be, and caberknight is a complete joke of a loadout to the point of being nearly unplayable. Some nerfs were necessary like splitting the equalizer and removing the DDS's effective headshot immunity, also making the dead ringer less of a no-brainer pick for spy, but in spite of their efforts, comp TF2 is largely the same while pub TF2 has had the life completely sucked out of it, largely with the feedback of the bigger figureheads in the comp TF2 community. Honestly I could go on for ages about how bad the community is gotten, but I'll just leave it at this: The only trans competitor in the high level TF2 scene was essentially bullied out of it, and TF2 is the only place where, 9 years later, people are still spamming ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Oh, and racial slurs, can't forget those, more of those than any other online game community still active today, except MAYBE Dota and CSGO. Pyro main from 2010 onwards here. It's honestly part of the reason why I'm so bitter about the state of the game. Really feels like the most fun and interesting class in the game just got completely shafted for the most part. But hey, at least I can have a jetpack and slap people now.
  3. yes, and? companies doing shitty things doesn't really dissuade me from taking advantage of their services, especially when they're convenient, ad-free, and don't cost anything to use. if i stopped taking advantage of every company i had qualms with i wouldn't be on the internet at all, period.
  4. Here's the thing though, "what courts would define as hate speech" isn't exactly good enough. It's vague on account of the fact that what legally qualifies as hate speech differs from country to country, state to state, province to province. Hell, in the U.S. in particular "hate speech" isn't even a legally recognized term. As far as I'm concerned, simply saying "no hate speech allowed" is a simple and concise enough interpretation of rule 4 and it's worked great so far, at least when we had active mods to enforce it. And speaking of, this place NEEDS mods desperately, at least one who regularly checks in and makes sure people aren't making clowns of themselves, ideally someone who's familiar with the community and its members. Someone like Kraken, Mira, or Kerdios. Hell, I've been here 11 years and know this place well, I'll nominate myself too.
  5. Yeah, I think you missed the point entirely. The fact that you assume I was calling you far right filth to begin with says a lot more about you than it does about me. Rule 4 exists for a reason and if you're going to be a bigoted POS (like, y'know, posting unambiguous conspiracy theory bullshit about Jewish people or any number of the unsavory things you've said about trans people the past two or three pages), then you SHOULD be held responsible. New users have been banned outright in the past for the exact behavior you're exhibiting right now. My entire point is that if @The Britainwants to come in here and play peacekeeper he shouldn't be letting shit that's in clear violation of rule 4 slide. Yeah, no. I'm not one to entertain petty arguments about semantics. If you want to use the broadest possible definition of the word "bigotry" then go for it, but just understand that it applies to basically everyone involved in politics, and there's still a pretty damn obvious moral difference between "queers are mentally ill and jews are taking over the world" and "fascists are fucking retarded and far right ideology is dangerous." Words have meanings and there's a reason we've narrowed down the word "bigot" to what it is now. And for that matter, even if I was talking about you specifically with my far-right filth comment, what on earth made you think "y'know, I could be petty and call her a far-left whore back, or I be senselessly cruel and keep going, try to push her buttons by making fun of her pronouns and insinuating she's not a real woman." You're a real piece of shit, you know that?
  6. Apparently I struck a nerve, because you haven't let up on the bad attitude since I had the audacity to say that the far-right were filth.
  7. No way in hell. Discord is immeasurably more feature rich and convenient than TS3, forums, and Steam chat combined.
  8. For using the wrong pronouns, that much should be obvious. "Saying you hate the far right is bigotry" is a room temperature IQ take. I go by a feminine name, it should be pretty obvious I go by feminine pronouns. And even if you're unsure you could use "they" or simply ask. Probably on account of the fact that you have a tendency to say really dumb shit like this: Scathing. How will I ever cope with the fact that my value as a woman is determined by whether or not I have a hole.
  9. It's honestly kind of shocking. The AF subreddit's discord is fine with keeping around a guy who openly stated he wished for the complete eradication of, as he put it, "the yellow race." Meanwhile I got banned for telling HIM to take a long walk off a short pier.
  10. Final point here, and just throwing this out here as a fun fact: Treating a point as invalid because it contains a fallacy in itself is a fallacy, and pointing out bigotry isn't ad hominem to begin with. You're not high on the ladder of logical soundness here.
  11. Look, in complete fairness, far-right filth doesn't deserve to be treated with civility. Pretty sure a lot of what's being said in here goes in direct violation of rule 4.
  12. I'll spare myself the headache. I'm not giving you the benefit of the doubt anymore since you've made it quite clear how you feel about trans people and Jewish people. This will be my last response on the matter and I'm not interested with any further interaction with you. 1. I have read the article and the bill, and I agree with the conclusion. While the bill is vague on how disputes regarding a student's assigned sex at birth are to be resolved, previous republican bills aren't. HB500 explicitly stated that any such disputes were to be resolved via examination. I think it's safe to draw the conclusion on how this bill is meant to be enforced. 2. There's little to no research on the matter and certainly no scientific consensus. Years of further study on the matter would need to be conducted to prove that trans women has an unfair competitive advantage over cis women and that trans men have an unfair disadvantage against cis men. There's almost no data on the long term effects of HRT on bone density and what little data exists is based on short term studies with low sample sizes. Actually. there are a number of factors which affect a person's bone density of which assigned sex at birth and hormone levels are only two, and in fact, there's enough variation in bone density and bone structure between cis male and cis female athletes to create overlap. Bone density and bone structure aren't a point of consideration for cis athletes in any competitive sport that I can think of, so this point is moot until there's enough evidence to conclusively say that bone density and bone structure create a significant enough advantage or disadvantage to disallow trans people to compete with cis people, and I seriously doubt that this will ever be the case. The other main point of consideration is hormone levels and their effect on muscle mass of which, as far as I'm aware, there is enough evidence to conclude trans women aren't at an advantage and trans men aren't at a disadvantage. In fact, you could make the case that trans women are actually at a disadvantage in this regard considering their testosterone levels are typically considerably lower than that of cis women. 3. Yeah, nice try, but you don't know the rate of suicide among Uyghur muslims. Nobody does. China isn't collecting data on their rate of suicide and even if they were they wouldn't release it. You're objectively unable to create any link here. As far as the Palestinians go, there IS an increased rate of suicidal ideation, suicide attempts, and successful suicides among Palestinians compared to the general population of Israel. I'm going to assume you didn't do any actual research here. Yeah, you do realize that basically every leftist is extremely critical of Israel for that exact reason right? Israel is a fascist ethnostate, do you really think leftists are jumping to its defense and showing no sympathy for all of those displaced Palestinians? The difference is at least most leftists have the good sense to not blame it on Jews as a demographic.
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