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  1. Annie

    Kerbal Space Program...2!

    They're all functional and extremely easy to learn, you probably just never took the time to learn them. QWEASD for pitch/yaw/roll are the controls the game is shipped with, along with shift and ctrl to throttle up and down, z and x for full throttle or minimum throttle respectively, and docking and rendezvous are more a matter of understanding which burns to make and where. It's got a learning curve but the controls ARE functional and don't really need improvement.
  2. Annie

    Kerbal Space Program...2!

    All of that being said, I'm very excited for it! The features apparently include proper interstellar travel and interplanetary bases which I've been long waiting for and am super excited to play around with.
  3. Annie

    Kerbal Space Program...2!

    There's... nothing wrong with the flight controls though... It's very simple and basic, w and s for pitch, a and d for yaw, q and e for roll. It really doesn't get simpler than that. The only reason why flight controls would ever be bad is if you were specifically not designing your ship with flight control in mind (i.e. without reaction wheels, thrust vectoring, RCS, and aerodynamic surfaces.)
  4. Annie

    Rate the Avatar above you

    2/10 it gets quite old
  5. Annie

    The Steam Controller

    I'm certain I could clear DS3 deathless with a SC as well, problem is would I WANT to? It's not very comfortable to use for certain games, Nier and Dark Souls included. I imagine it's best used with games that feel like they would benefit from controller movement and mouse aiming, something like RE4.
  6. Annie

    The Steam Controller

    Yeah, you try playing Dark Souls and try telling me it's better with mouse + keyboard. Speaking of, the Steam controller was kinda fun when I had a spin with it, but it felt like it was built for shooters. It was honestly quite terrible with Dark Souls.
  7. There's not really much to figure out about depression. The solutions are there, the problem is when you lack any motivation to put them in to action. Depression is a vicious cycle.
  8. Annie

    Political Compass

    Left and right doesn't really depend on context at all. It's an economic spectrum. Left wing is different flavors socialist and right is different flavors of capitalist. The problem with the political compass is that it only has 2 axes and it tries to pin you based on a few unrelated criteria. There's a higher number of right wingers who support strict border controls and deportation and such, but that doesn't make it a left wing issue. There's a higher number of authoritarians who favor it but that doesn't make it an authoritarian issue. It's a socially conservative stance, which you don't have to be right wing or authoritarian to hold, but you most likely WILL be right wing and authoritarian if you do. This issue specifically comes through when you look more outwards. Gun control is very unpopular with right libertarians and conservatives, but it's also unpopular with communists who view it as racist and taking power away from the working class. 8values alleviates this but the fact still remains that there's not enough nuance to properly accommodate different political beliefs. Having to choose between "yes" and "no" for difficult issues is not the biggest problem with political tests, that's unfortunately just a natural consequence of the nature of taking online tests in the first place. Libertarian vs Authoritarian is actually my main point of contention for most political tests, as it lumps together liberalism with libertarianism and conservatism with authoritarianism. You can be socially liberal and a statist, and you can be socially conservative and an anarchist. There's a difference between how much control you want the government to have and how free you want society to be, there's a correlation but a difference. The U.S. is VERY authoritarian but hell if we don't love our free speech and guns. I'm a democratic socialist and would realistically probably put myself at the top of the green quadrant or bottom of the red quadrant, but I'm often put near anarchism because I answer yes to weed and gay sex.
  9. I feel like there's a higher occurrence of trans people in Ross's fanbase than other places on the internet. There are 5 or 6 on this forum that I know of.
  10. I hate the set of sexual apparatus I was born with, mostly. Besides that I think I have a pretty healthy self image.
  11. Annie

    Games you like that others don't

    I've always likened playing Dota to having a gambling addiction. You either lose an hour of your time and are miserable the whole way through, or end up having the time of your life, depending on how lucky you are of course. I don't think playing MOBAs in general is a healthy habit to get in to, at least with most other types of online games you can dip out when you stop having fun.
  12. Annie

    Games you bought recently

    woah, haven't seen you in a while.
  13. I mean it's easy to caricature stories like that, I see it all the time when folks compare Fallout games. It's easier to write off Fallout 3 as "chasing your dad around until you find him and help him fix a nuclear thingy with a geck" than it is to talk about the intricacies of the story. You can make a case that any game has shit writing when you try to summarize it in the dumbest way possible. The problem with Half-Life is that it's genuinely hard to go in to detail about it's story because of how barebones it is narratively, and how silly certain parts of it seem otherwise. It feels like the narrative is stretched around the gameplay because that literally is the case. You could cut straight from Unforseen Consequences to Lambda Core and not lose anything narratively. It's not really a written game. The attention to detail in the world built is certainly interesting but that doesn't mean a whole lot in terms of story. HL1 also leaves the players asking a lot of questions. What's a resonance cascade? What was the purpose of the experiments at the anomalous materials lab? Why did the government try to cover it up and why did they go about it by sending in armed forces to slaughter scientists by the hundreds, maybe thousands? Nothing in the game really makes complete sense, the story feels like an afterthought at best. I say HL2 is marginally better because it does at least answer some questions, has greater narrative focus, and doesn't leave you wondering what the fuck is going on nearly as much. That said, I'm not really itching to see a conclusion to the series either. I thought the gameplay and writing both were honestly pretty lackluster. Not terrible but not terribly good either.

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