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  1. Metroid Dread Just 100%ed it. I'm a long-time Metroid fan and have been waiting for this game for 15 years so I don't say this lightly, it's unironically the best game in the series.
  2. it's a shame, honestly worst part of it all is the fact that reddit has largely replaced a lot of these forum boards which sadly means if you want to join a community like this one you're largely relegated to having to either put up with redditors or looking for one of the larger remaining forum boards. Tumblr was PROBABLY the next best thing but that's kinda been replaced by Twitter too at this point.
  3. correct answer but it's not thursday yet
  4. Battlefield, easily. BF4 is still extremely active and is one of the best large-scale modern military shooters out there by a mile, and BF2042 is coming out in a couple of months which has double the playercount of other BF games at 128 instead of 64.
  5. Everything I'm saying is keeping in mind that a lot of companies take a more proactive stance on sexual harassment and have their own internal policies to combat it. It's good business, after all, not doing the Blizzard thing of being an absolute shitfest of sexual harassment and being on the bad end of a massive lawsuit. LEGALLY speaking I'm kinda just talking out of my ass here, but everywhere I've worked has been pretty tough on that kind of thing, save for Amazon.
  6. ^this. It's always so uncomfortable when coworkers try chatting with me about such personal shit like that. Like, I'm just here to get paid, not hear some creep I barely know talk about what he's doing with his dick.
  7. And you'd be correct, at least about the first part. Chatting about sex with your coworkers is something you can probably get away with really easily provided nobody goes to HR complaining of a hostile work environment, it's still sexual harassment though. Slapping someone's ass at the copier is an interesting comparison, because that's not sexual harassment, that's assault.
  9. and before you start talking shit, yes, talking about sex in the workplace is inappropriate and it is a good way to get HR on your ass about sexual harrassment. i've had to put up with sexual harrassment enough times to know how HR handles that shit.
  10. y'hear that fellas sexual harrassment in the workplace is a-OK
  11. Yes. Lol But he have a history of saying really dumb stuff and saying you're taking it out of context when you lay it out in plain terms, so he'll probably deny it.
  12. I've mentioned it before but I feel I should reiterate: Fallout 4 is a severely underappreciated Fallout game. I get not loving the writing and characters which are pretty core to an excellent Fallout experience but I feel the gameplay makes up for that pretty well.
  13. man did you unironically bitch about sjws in the anno domini of our lord
  14. Is the name change feature broken ATM? I can't seem to be able to change my display name.
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