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  1. The point of pointing out you're a layman is to highlight you have no clue how the complexities of a moon landing compare to the complexities of social sciences. Feel free to try to prove me wrong on that. Also, "professional" and "layman" are definitionally mutually exclusive. Sorry if I was mistaken but I was assuming your participation in this topic indicated that you at least had some intention of constructing sound arguments instead of just sharing conjecture. Worth keeping in mind that you don't need to type out a several hundred page essay to make a decent point by the way. Truly a nightmare scenario.
  2. Which is why you're here arguing for or against the efficacy of different systems of governance instead of explaining all of the complexities of engineering and mathematics that went in to the moon landing, right? At the end of the day you're a layman, which makes comments like this all the more embarrassing: It's not an answer, it's a dismissal. If you want to explain why a political system wouldn't work you need to explain why in detail. First of all, all I can extrapolate from "it's got humans involved" that you believe there's some inherent tendencies people have that are fundamentally incompatible with certain systems of governance which is conjecture at best and essentialism at worst. Second, even granting you that notion, it's not enough to stop at "this fails when humans get involved", you need to be able to explain in detail why that is the case, what element of human behavior is incompatible with x system and why does it cause this system to fail? Selfishness? Again, conjecture at best and essentialism at worst. You'd be correct in saying that human behavior is very unpredictable in ways which may cause certain systems to failure but that's literally what political and social science is for, and in this respect, again, you're a layman. You're not the right voice to make a judgement call on what systems are or aren't doomed to fail.
  3. Honestly I think it's a much bigger problem that car owners and manufacturers don't want car ownership to be disincentivized. HSR and Maglev could be massively beneficial to the economy everywhere except the automobile and airline industries.
  4. Populism doesn't exclude fascism, the latter is a political ideology whereas the former is mostly marketing. That said, Trump is a proto-fascist. Not necessarily a fascist himself, but you'd have to be blind to not see how his administration lays the groundwork for fascism to grow in the future. His base is insanely cult-like and practically worship him, are willing to deny simple reality for their own comfort, and as mentioned previously, don't REALLY have much of a grasp on consequences. Racial tensions are growing in no small part due to conservative agitprop which has largely been littered with white nationalist talking points the past half decade. Theocratic policy aiming to restrict the rights of women and queer people are gaining increasing levels of support. The fact that peoples' immediate response to the notion that fascism is growing in this country is to act like fascism is too strong a word is extremely troubling, fascism doesn't happen overnight, it has warning signs and people are ignoring them. If any of this "seems normal" then that's a fucking problem.
  5. Obligatory "part 1 bad" Phantom blood is only there to set up everything that follows it, which is part of why it's so short. It's kinda like a prequel of sorts, even though it literally came first. I feel like the point of early JJBA is to be kind of a silly over-the-top action/adventure story whereas part 4 onwards is where it starts to take itself a lot more seriously. Parts 2 and 3 were really fun to watch/read but parts 4 and 7 are unironic masterpieces.
  6. Metroid Dread Just 100%ed it. I'm a long-time Metroid fan and have been waiting for this game for 15 years so I don't say this lightly, it's unironically the best game in the series.
  7. it's a shame, honestly worst part of it all is the fact that reddit has largely replaced a lot of these forum boards which sadly means if you want to join a community like this one you're largely relegated to having to either put up with redditors or looking for one of the larger remaining forum boards. Tumblr was PROBABLY the next best thing but that's kinda been replaced by Twitter too at this point.
  8. correct answer but it's not thursday yet
  9. Battlefield, easily. BF4 is still extremely active and is one of the best large-scale modern military shooters out there by a mile, and BF2042 is coming out in a couple of months which has double the playercount of other BF games at 128 instead of 64.
  10. Everything I'm saying is keeping in mind that a lot of companies take a more proactive stance on sexual harassment and have their own internal policies to combat it. It's good business, after all, not doing the Blizzard thing of being an absolute shitfest of sexual harassment and being on the bad end of a massive lawsuit. LEGALLY speaking I'm kinda just talking out of my ass here, but everywhere I've worked has been pretty tough on that kind of thing, save for Amazon.
  11. ^this. It's always so uncomfortable when coworkers try chatting with me about such personal shit like that. Like, I'm just here to get paid, not hear some creep I barely know talk about what he's doing with his dick.
  12. And you'd be correct, at least about the first part. Chatting about sex with your coworkers is something you can probably get away with really easily provided nobody goes to HR complaining of a hostile work environment, it's still sexual harassment though. Slapping someone's ass at the copier is an interesting comparison, because that's not sexual harassment, that's assault.
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