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  1. 130: You Create Some Random Troll Account to poke Ross whenever possible.
  2. But . . . but . . . WHAT ABOUT HIS HELMET?
  3. A well reasoned and ethical way to look at it. Good choice. I, for one, enjoyed the theatre tonight m'lady. Did you? It was quite sssssmashing.
  4. It always comes out the minute you stop waiting for it. Hmmmm, ancient chinese wisdom. yessssss.
  5. I'm sorry, but . . . what on earth are you trying to convey here?
  6. Giving the impression that Ross Scott's fans are obnoxious and annoying.That's MY job.
  7. I fully endorse everything about this thread. Except for this tpyo in my post.
  8. This post was the impetus for creating an account here. First post. Hi. I'm bumping this and quoting this because this is one very important thought. The "stance" he speaks of is mostly harmless (Hitchhiker's Guide reference. Booya! Ten points to Gryffindor!) but it's the same kind of "Our fearless leader is right so I shall follow him to the ends of the earth" logic that leads to cults. Ross Scott is human just like you or me. And in the face of little to no information, it's better to keep an open mind than say "Ross Scott probably said this, therefore xxx". I look forward to reminding all of the limitations of our species and our impending mortality as time goes on.
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