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  1. So this is Life is Strange? I'd been hearing about this one a lot back when it came out and I can't believe all the hooplah was over... that. I got nothing against the fans of this game, but to me it just looks and feels uncomfortable. So, high school for me was 2007-2011 and I started out as a metalhead that mostly liked only the classics. Ross probably knows them already, but might as well bring some links to the table anyway. Branched out into electronic and hip-hop later.
  3. WSojY3HTuU I've gone from being a teenage metalhead, to having this as the soundtrack to the past 3 weeks of my life, now at 20 years. "What can change the nature of a man?"
  4. ^No doubt about that! What the article doesn't mention is that they made more copies of E.T. than the amount of Atari 2600's in existence. That's the difference between a "bad game" and literal shovelware!
  5. So I was boiling eggs this morning and I totally forgot about them, that is, left them on the stove when I went to work. When I came back the water had boiled down, the eggs exploded, ALSO the pan got toasted and now this horrible smell's around the apartment. So I opened the windows, turned on the ventilation above the stove and now I'm just hoping the smell of pot smoke goes away before my dad gets back. Hey, what's so funny?
  6. "If I just keep hitting this cow-bell, candy's gonna fall out sooner or later..."
  7. SnkJqwoSEEI And some of this: 9Wk0QIcp80o
  8. "When nothing remains in this sinful world that may be believed in, when all that's true is cruelly contaminated and bastardized... there will always be more cowbell. So that's good!"
  9. BANNED... just because! Now if you want your posting privileges back then CLEAN YA GOT-DAMNED ROOM.
  10. ^Yep, just waiting for the right time to zark off and go to sleep, that's me right now. Guess I'll doodle for a bit in the mean time.
  11. CfYl6_f2Mdg April 14th... today must be Aphex Twin Day!
  12. K4LWhwpVgog Beautiful, and so video gamey! It would be perfect for many things, including funerals in my opinion.
  13. Sub-Terrania? 1993 Genesis game with interesting weird graphics and enemies, a tough shoot-em-up that plays like a 2D Descent. The controls are tricky and you'll die a lot from crashing into walls, also the main character looks really freaky. Also also, good soundtrack: 78l1847Cvy0
  14. Xen's gravity existing is pretty mindfucky by itself. Let's see him try and tease apart THAT conundrum.
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