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  1. Whens 55 being added to the Freeman's mind video list on the site? Also when is the downloadable version coming, I want to add it to the playlist iv made ever sense I got BTGbullseye's torrent of every other episode. And on governmental corruption, every country that can become corrupt, WILL become corrupt. Once a government realizes it can get away with murder then murder will become their response to everything. As long as a single person asks groups of people "why?" then some of those groups will look for ways to kill that single person. Russia used to do it like it was their national sport(and I heard they still do that kind of thing). Look at the united states. Most U.S citizens are just lemmings that let their government ruin their own and many others lives. Canada might not be the greatest place to live(what with the government being lead by an idiot) but at least my government isnt planing how to best subjugate me. Many might hate this next comment, but that just makes them uneducated. I fully believe that the united states was responsible for 911 just so the U.S.A could retaliate at a country with oil(because after that horrible tragedy, the U.S could have blamed almost anyone and then attacked and the other countrys of the world wouldnt think twice).
  2. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198035882570 If anyone feels like playing iv got Left 4 dead 2, Gmod, and Speedrunners.
  3. Id love to see but doubt itd be done, Ross's Game Dungeon: The Elder scrolls Arena. The full game is free at the Elder scrolls official website.
  4. ok im not so sure about this but in the original Half Life couldn't you play as a vortigaunt? I think thated be funny as heck, he wakes up a vortigaunt and trips out a bit till he realizes he can shoot lightning. I know that would probably be difficult to wright lines for, but i think it could possibly make the best April fools episode.
  5. Thanks for putting this together. Im currently downloading it and will seed as long as possible.
  6. Id love to hear "GET BACK HERE YOU BIG ORANGE FUCK" as Gordon jumps into the portal, and it wouldn't be hard. Barney's mind had "SUCKERRRRRR". its just taking sound files and editing it a bit isn't it? On the whole slowing down the earth thing. Thats insane man, you would likely cause one side of the planet to bake and the dark side to have a mini ice age, and maybe throw off Earths rotation around the sun a bit. Im no scientist though so maybe that wont happen, but the thought still scares me.
  7. No offence meant to Ross, but I kinda doubt that we'll get an episode in time for April. Unless that turns out to be the joke that he pulls on us, if that is the case then by all means make an idiot of me.
  8. HAHAHAHAHA thats great, you just made my night with that comment.
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