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  1. Professor Vex

    Make up your own game genre!

    Top down third person bad camera operator sim. You have to control the third person camera in someone else game, and make sure that they never have a chance to react to traps, or enemies.
  2. Professor Vex

    What would you do if...

    I'd find my towel quickly, and use it to shield my stuff from the elements. If suddenly out of the blue in spite of all known reasoning, and at the behest the very pillars of known existence: you lost your towel.
  3. Professor Vex

    The Ctrl+V game

  4. Professor Vex

    "Five Letters"

    French Nano Electronic Enrichment Networks Incorporated SFHKT
  5. Professor Vex

    Ban the person above you!

    Banned for still being here, and still being such an amazing personality.
  6. Professor Vex

    Describe your day in 1 word

  7. Professor Vex

    Word Association

  8. Professor Vex

    "Corrupt a Wish"

    Granted, but Michal Bay is directing the revival. I wish my hat dispensed jam.
  9. Professor Vex

    This or that?

    Be killed, I ain't the killin' type. I suppose it depends on how I'd be killed verses how I'm killing them in terms of suffering. With no information though I suppose I'd have to go with the option that supposedly won't hurt someone else. Unless it's an animal, then I'd probably be fine with killing it. One eye one leg, or Two eyes no legs.
  10. Professor Vex

    The Remove-One-Letter-From-A-Title Thread

    Accursed Arms Haunted guns, for spectral fun!
  11. Professor Vex

    Pick a number

    6 is best number.
  12. Professor Vex

    Q & A Thread

    "Friday", and Episode 7. What quote from Ross would you like on a T-shirt?
  13. Professor Vex

    This or that?

    Sprite. Coke can't make me drink their Nazi slave blood. Gmod, or SFM? (For making machinima)
  14. Professor Vex

    Ban the person above you!

    Banned for putting Gorrilaz music on my head's broken MP3 player.
  15. Professor Vex

    Describe your day in 1 word


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