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  1. Thought I'd start a thread for everyone to share their favorite Halloween videos/specials. It can be new stuff or awesome classics. Of course I come here to watch whatever Ross put's out before Halloween is over, or hit up Homestarrunner.com , but I've been meaning to branch out and discover new content creators to get my Halloween fix. Here is a guy I just discovered on Patreon and he just came out with his first Halloween special. This is episode 7 so you might want to watch the others first so you know who the characters are, or not. 1aK9NXHpFWM
  2. I should be doing house work, but...well, you know how procrastination works... I go back and forth on whether this is my favorite movie of all time(it's at least in my top 5), but it's definitely the most under-appreciated or simply unknown to many so here it is: My Favorite British Heist Comedy: A Fish Called Wanda - this movie is like a machine gun of dry British and Python-esqe bizarre humor. A simple jewel heist going awry is the backdrop for this comedy. A couple members of the Monty Python gang (Micheal Palin and John Cleese) play fantastic multi-dimensional characters in addition to Jamie Lee Curtis' role as the oddly quirky, backstabbing femme fatale, but it's Kevin Kline's character is this comedy that will blow you away. Holy SH#T! As far as I can tell, he's never really played a role like this in the rest of his career, nothing like what he is today. He was born to play this role, which is probably why he won am Academy Award for it. This is my favorite performance by an actor, EVER!!! And I've seen quite a few movies. I won't ruin too much for you, but let's just say if you dropped a paranoid, Nietzsche-reading, politically incorrect, wildly overconfident, ex-CIA agent in London in the 80's. That's Kevin Kline's character and his performance is perfect and I STRONGLY recommend you watch this movie at least once in your life. The story is great, with many iconic and unforgettable scenes throughout including the climactic ending which is hilarious, exciting and very satisfying. I'll put it this way, you don't get stiffed at dessert. It was made and set in the 80s, but even though it looks a bit older, it's funnier then just about anything coming out of America or Britain right now. And just because I really do have to get back to my housework...here are a grab bag of my other favorites, in no particular order or category. Greatest Stop Motion Kid's Movie that's really for adults: Fantastic Mr. Fox Medieval Slap Stick at it's Finest: Monty Python and the Holy Grail Pinnacle of Japanese Animation and Story-telling: Princess Mononoke Best Documentary about Good things happening to good people: Jiro Dreams of Sushi Best Action/adventure movie from the past: The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) w/ Errol Flynn (seriously, they should have never made another Robin Hood movie after this one) except for Robin Hood: Men in Tights. I also recommend anything by Mel Brooks.
  3. Hey Ross, if I might state my preference for the next video, I'd prefer something shorter that comes out before Halloween than something longer that doesn't. Your Halloween videos are always the highlight of the season, as far as stuff on the internet is concerned...even if they come out as late as Halloween Day. Feel free to ignore this, I'm just one fan stating my preference. Also does anyone know of anyone else who puts out good Halloween videos each year? I feel like I need to expand my spooky horizons.
  4. I have a question for you Ross. You touched on it briefly, but you didn't really explain your personal history with this game. When did you first discover this game and how? What was your initial reaction? What stuck with you initially about it that made you want to come back to it? On a slightly related note, do you see yourself as a sort of video gaming historian? You're bringing to light these really interesting, and often times extreme, examples of oddities from the gaming world that very few people have seen and are usually at risk of being lost to the sands of time. It seems to go in line with your frustration towards dead games because not only are the games no longer playable from a fun factor, but they're also no longer observable from a historical one.
  5. Happy Birthday, Ross! I love Supreme Commander (and Total Annihilation) and I'm bummed I didn't get to watch this live, but late is better than never. Since you were asking for recommendations at the end of the video I thought I'd toss out a few I would have made had I been in the Twitch chat today. If you haven't seen these already... ...for movies: A Fish Called Wanda - an action/comedy movie with Kevin Kline and Jamie Lee Curtis. British heist movie made in the 80s. Kline won an academy award for best supporting actor for his role as "Otto" in this movie and HOLY SH!T did he deserve it. A lot of people say villains make the movie fun to watch and it is so true with this film. Kline was born for this role and it is nothing like any of his other roles. This movie makes fun of a lot of things it would probably be crucified for online if it were made today. This is the movie I show to new friends and dates to make sure they actually have a sense of humor. ...for Youtube series: I've donated to only two content producers in my life. Ross, you are one of them, and the other is a guy called SexuaLobster. The name can run people off, and yes the guy is weird, but the level of detail he puts into his animation, the absolutely terrific writing and one liners he puts into his cartoons have always kept me very entertained. If this is your first time watching his stuff, I'd recommend starting off with one of his earlier cartoons like The Body Count. Yes all of his videos are strangely erogenous, but that's kind of his brand. I highly recommend him. ...for Sci-Fi: Black Mirror. It's on Netflix. Watch the episode titled "White Bear" and prepare for the mind f#ck that follows.
  6. Wait! Come back Alien Overlords! We didn't even get to show you one of our greatest works of art... Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear!
  7. Wow...thanks for sharing. Extra EXTRA disappointed I never played this game now. Do you happen to have the MP3s for this?
  8. Obviously they hope to profit from it, just like Costco hopes to profit when they give out samples in the aisles. Although this is more like Costco just straight up giving you what's in your cart for free and saying " See we're nice! Come back sometime soon, okay?! " This may just be me giving too much praise to an organization that has lowered it's bar so low that I'm excited when they do ANYTHING good, but again, they are making a previously dead game available for free to the public (code and all) for nothing in return. Just giving the devil it's due.
  9. With all due respect to the OP, this is the most undersold description of this game I have ever heard by anyone that has actually played it. This game is pretty much my definition of a good game. Great art style, a funny and charming fantasy story, FULLY VOICE ACTED (with decent to excellent voice talents), changes made to the environment are permanent (mobs killed, tables moved, walls broken), and the music...I have the music on my phone and I listen to it on a regular basis. This game really doesn't have any flaws that are even significant enough to mention. It came out in 2000 so, yes, the graphics are a bit long in the tooth, but even still the art style is compelling enough you soon forget about it. This game is not a Diablo clone. It's not even a point and click, more like a point and hold. The only things that these two games really have in common are their 2D bird's eye view perspective and both technically are some form of fantasy, although very different ones at that, and the differences just keep coming. I'd liken it to Final Fantasy 7 being compared to Castlevania. This game is free at the moment through a deal called On The House via Origin.com . I posted about it recently in the Ross's Game Dungeon forum section under "EA did something...right?". Here is a link to the thread.http://www.accursedfarms.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=63&t=8365 P.S. Hopefully this didn't sound rude. I'm just extremely passionate about this game because I personally believe it's one of the best action RPGs on the PC and it's a damn shame so few people know about/haven't played it.
  10. Hey, long time fan, first time forum topic poster. I thought I'd bring this up since I think this might be relevant to Ross' dead games crusade and the Game Dungeon series as well. I recently discovered that the website Origin has started a program called On The House https://www.origin.com/en-us/store/free-games/on-the-house , which posts old PC titles for free to download. That's it. Free FULL game. No ads. No free subscription for the first two weeks BS. No tricks. You do have to download the free Origin app on your PC, but after that the entire program is viewable and in your hard drive, including music. You can also play it OFFLINE. I guess EA is changing up the games that are available every once in a while via On The House, but at the moment they have Nox. Nox is pretty much my definition of a good game, an action RPG with beautiful music, a well written funny fantasy story that doesn't wear out it's welcome, and FULLY VOICE ACTED with good voice actors. EA owns this title after acquiring Westwood Studios many moons ago. Now I know EA is still an evil organization. This is kind of like the drunken abusive boyfriend randomly coming home one night NOT piss ass drunk AND with half a dozen roses he picked up at the local Walmart. It's still EA, but this does seem like a potentially promising step in the right direction and something to at least take note of. I guess this game is also now officially Freeware (right?) and qualifies for the Game Dungeon. Ross, if you'd like to cover a game that's really enjoyable (especially after that nightmare that was The Chosen) I think Nox will be a great change of pace for you. Also let me know if you'd like me to send you any MP3s of the music. I have the music from this game on my iPod. Thanks for reading guys
  11. My Dark Age of Camelot screens from...a considerable period of time...ago... First one is titled "While your friends watch you learn Alchemy..." Second one is titled "Maybe you'll understand THIS!" Third one is titled "Get it?"
  12. I was waiting for some Dig Doug reference somewhere...oh well. Great episode! I couldn't help but notice when you said you owned a Wallace and Gromit T-shirt. A fan of stop motion animation are you, Ross? Any favorite stop motion films or shorts you could recommend?
  13. I'll second Nox. As well as Total Annihilation, although there is definitely more to talk about in Nox. When/If Firefly Studios ever kicks the bucket, the original Stronghold would be a fun one to do as well. Also sorry I couldn't donate this year, last year was also my pinnacle "36K" year as well, but this year was not so good. I'll try to make up for it next year.
  14. Contrast the voice acting and character body language from this game and Half Life. If these guys are really part of the Resistance they shouldn't hold themselves like they're night security for a Costco store and talk like they're on a wine tasting tour in Napa Valley. I'd have a hard time caring what happened to them too.
  15. I can confirm that I can not change my password from the randomly generated email one. Obviously I can log in, but having a password I can't remember is not super convenient.
  16. Brother, do you not yet know the great blessings and teachings of the Ross Scott?
  17. I'm crazy behind on my games too. Being poor and an insane procrastinator has me pretty backed up on games I want to play. I still own a Dreamcast because I've never finished playing Shenmue. I got this game and system back in 2000/2001 I think. I really need to finish that damn game so I can finally get ride of this Dreamcast. Also I've owned Supreme Commander since it came out and I finally played and beat one of the campaigns last month.... There may be something wrong with me.
  18. Great....and I do mean GREAT FINALE! Loved the Elder God references. Especially when it was finally dying and he was wondering if he got to become a god because he killed one. I was laughing out loud in a coffee shop when you got to that part. Well done, Ross! Well done.
  19. Get to work, Ross! *whip cracking* ... ...I'm sorry, I'll go donate right now.
  20. I've been watching this series since the day after Episode two was posted, which I just realized would have been 12-28-07, which means I've been watching Freeman's Mind for exactly 7 years today. During that time I've gone from being 22 to 29, worked for 6 different companies and had a kid. This has definitely been an entertainment staple of my 20s. Thanks Ross!
  21. Twas the night before Christmas, when all through my place I was drinking a beer while browsing web space. The monitor glowed on my desk like a ghost, In hopes that a Ross Scott soon would post. The kid and the lady had left town for the night, the place to myself is such a precious delight. The beer in my hand being all but done, it was almost time to admit sleep had won. When up on my monitor I saw such a treat, I almost went crazy and ran in the street. A new bit of Civil Protection was what I want most. Ross Scott, gentlemen scholar, to you I do toast! Merry Christmas!
  22. Fantastic Mr. Fox Perfect score! I've actually owned it for a while as it is my favorite movie of all time. My kid just wanted to watch it again the other day so we did. It actually took a couple of years for me to admit to myself that it was now my favorite movie. Monty Pythons Quest for the Holy Grail had occupied the number one slot for so long it was hard to admit that it was now at number 2. 1st world problems LOL!
  23. My suggestion is... Nox pros: 2-D action based no respawning enemies EVERY HUMAN INTERACTION IS VOICE ACTED the music is ....just amazing cons: that it's too perfect and for that reason Ross probably won't do it
  24. Sounds like the consensus on these forums and Youtube is that there are probably no less then two, but no more then 3 episodes left in the series. I've never actually finished the first Half Life game(even though I've played and beaten all the others), probably because watching this series makes me feel like I have and it's kind of fun to be experiencing stuff for the first time along with Freeman's character anyway. If I could make a small request (one that you were probably planning on doing anyway): could we get a heads up when you post the second to last episode that the next episode is the final one? That would be awesome, thanks! Also I wanted to put in my two cents as a fan of your work for the past 6-7 years (been watching since the day Freeman's Mind Episode 2 came out): I'd love if you kept this series (FM) going after this, BUT I also know how creative you are and how much of a massive time commitment(years!) just finishing the first Half Life was for you. If you get off the station here and don't continue the series you will have time to work on Civil Protection (which I love as well) or any other projects or ideas you've been wanting to launch for sometime now. If you stick with Freeman's Mind I get the feeling you're going to be locked into it for years and years to come since people will want you to continue through the entire series. And if that's what you want then great! I'll be there for every episode..but if you decide not to and start something new I'll be there too, because I really love your work and I know anything you do in the future will be awesome. Basically I just wanted to let you know I don't think you're going to have a exodus of followers if you decide to shelve Freeman's Mind and work on something else. I think most of us just want to see you create. Whatever that may be. In a nutshell: "You're awesome, Ross! Do whatever you want! Wohooo!"
  25. I'm already trying to mentally prepare myself for the reality that this series is about to end. Seriously, when new episodes get released it is the bright spot of my day/week/month ...it's gonna...it's gonna be okay...the withdrawls will pass
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