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  1. ShakyOregon

    I love war.

    Thats me giving a thumbs up. thats all you need
  2. ShakyOregon

    The Ctrl+V game

    super motherload
  3. ShakyOregon

    Merry Christmas

    pffht cmon still celebrate it. Just throw out the christianity bit that has nothing to do with christmas. (Hooray for germanic pagans!)
  4. ShakyOregon

    What is "evil"

    I feel like I have to agree with seattleite on everything because Im from western WA.
  5. ShakyOregon

    Joke Thread.

    Your local zoo will have a african lion. but the white house has a lying african
  6. ShakyOregon


    What's the largest motor you've burned? Mostly Class D20-5. Im working on a Class E motor rocket It's going to model the Titan II used for Gemini but with 4 clipped delta fins. Its really painstaking and use of my high schools wood/metal shop has helped alot.
  7. ShakyOregon


    Stating that a country "needs" a war is still a very ugly thing to say. There can sometimes be benefits to war. They are not entirely negative things although they are indeed very ugly.
  8. ShakyOregon


    Yeah, the only reasons I can really do it is because I live within biking distance of my part-time job and I'm still in high school. Not many bills to pay or gas tanks to fill up.
  9. ShakyOregon

    What music do you listen to?

    Anyone listen to Sabaton?
  10. ShakyOregon

    Is USA finally killing itself?

    God I hate politics on the global scale.
  11. ShakyOregon


    I do alot of reading Model building mostly WWII era tanks and submarines And building small solid fuel rockets and video games lot of em
  12. ShakyOregon

    Kerbal Space Program

    You will spend hours getting little green men in space suits up into space on a shoe-string budget. https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/ Create the spacecraft of your dreams and then get mods to make ones you could never even dream of. Then pay homage to the might space kraken and his glorious time warp.
  13. ShakyOregon

    Is USA finally killing itself?

    *cough* Roman empire *cough*
  14. Oh man I hope they are not bull shitting us.
  15. ShakyOregon

    Will asteroid mining solve all of our economical problems?

    Nuclear SSTO? I take it this would be unmanned. As for my knowledge of rocketry is very little for even attempting to throw some advice in. I mostly fiddle with solid fueled rockets. But Nuclear SSTO's never heard of anyone designing let alone thinking of one. Maybe the 1960's Orion if they launched from the atmosphere but that's Orion.

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