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  1. You said the Civil Protection episodes were set before the Seven Hour War which doesn't make sense, did you mean the uprising that Freeman starts in Half-Life 2?
  2. Using a virtual machine and GPU passthrough you can get almost native FPS.
  3. If you're going through all that effort just to minimise the footprint of Windows 7 why not just install some minimalist Linux distro and use WINE or a virtual machine if you really need to run Windows programs?
  4. The issue with Raspberry Pis is the price. The only place the price isn't insane is America, which is crazy when you consider that they're manufactured in Britain. I've just given up on RPI and am hoping for a non-terrible alternative to be made.
  5. cinematic mod is an absolute joke, even the older versions.
  6. it sure is a fantastic time to not live in america
  7. I asked a very similar question in the May videochat. Can't find the timestamp for it, but I definitely recall him answering it. viewtopic.php?f=22&t=8245
  8. Ross, at PAX Australia I tried on a Vive and I have to say it was one of the coolest technology-related experiences I've had in my entire life. It wasn't even really a game, you just explored the ocean in a submarine. But the levels of immersion were INCREDIBLE, the second I put on the Vive it was like I was right there in the submarine, no nausea, no problems getting used to being in virtual reality. It honestly makes me wonder, why isn't VR being aggressively marketed? I knew it would be cool before I tried the Vive, but I didn't know just how fantastic an experience it would truly be. Seems to me that VR is being targeted at a very specific subset of people, and the marketing they are doing just isn't hyping up how fucking awesome it is. So to sum it up: VR is MINDBLOWING. Why isn't it being marketed better?
  9. Ross has to have planned this, right? There's no way this could be a coincidence. I reckon this is all part of some overarching conspiracy by Ross.
  10. Playing old games with proper control schemes is the only valid use of time travel as far as I'm concerned.
  11. Have you told the landlord about it? Wouldn't want yourself or others in the apartment complex getting sick.
  12. nice tattoos, man Lol they're just prison tattoos. Actually quit terrible Man I've always wanted to go to prison, would be pretty cool I think. Maybe I'm romanticising it a bit, though.
  13. at the end of the Nyet 3 movie it turns out the bird from the birdcage was behind it all
  14. Considering the dodgy stuff the U.S. government has done in the past, global spying, overthrowing governments in small countries, illegally experimenting on American citizens (see MKUltra), etc. What would be the final straw for you to renounce your U.S. citizenship? And if you did what country would you look at becoming a citizen of?
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