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  1. You said the Civil Protection episodes were set before the Seven Hour War which doesn't make sense, did you mean the uprising that Freeman starts in Half-Life 2?
  2. Using a virtual machine and GPU passthrough you can get almost native FPS.
  3. If you're going through all that effort just to minimise the footprint of Windows 7 why not just install some minimalist Linux distro and use WINE or a virtual machine if you really need to run Windows programs?
  4. The issue with Raspberry Pis is the price. The only place the price isn't insane is America, which is crazy when you consider that they're manufactured in Britain. I've just given up on RPI and am hoping for a non-terrible alternative to be made.
  5. cinematic mod is an absolute joke, even the older versions.
  6. it sure is a fantastic time to not live in america
  7. I asked a very similar question in the May videochat. Can't find the timestamp for it, but I definitely recall him answering it. viewtopic.php?f=22&t=8245
  8. Ross, at PAX Australia I tried on a Vive and I have to say it was one of the coolest technology-related experiences I've had in my entire life. It wasn't even really a game, you just explored the ocean in a submarine. But the levels of immersion were INCREDIBLE, the second I put on the Vive it was like I was right there in the submarine, no nausea, no problems getting used to being in virtual reality. It honestly makes me wonder, why isn't VR being aggressively marketed? I knew it would be cool before I tried the Vive, but I didn't know just how fantastic an experience it would truly be. Seems to me that VR is being targeted at a very specific subset of people, and the marketing they are doing just isn't hyping up how fucking awesome it is. So to sum it up: VR is MINDBLOWING. Why isn't it being marketed better?
  9. Ross has to have planned this, right? There's no way this could be a coincidence. I reckon this is all part of some overarching conspiracy by Ross.
  10. Playing old games with proper control schemes is the only valid use of time travel as far as I'm concerned.
  11. Have you told the landlord about it? Wouldn't want yourself or others in the apartment complex getting sick.
  12. nice tattoos, man Lol they're just prison tattoos. Actually quit terrible Man I've always wanted to go to prison, would be pretty cool I think. Maybe I'm romanticising it a bit, though.
  13. at the end of the Nyet 3 movie it turns out the bird from the birdcage was behind it all
  14. Considering the dodgy stuff the U.S. government has done in the past, global spying, overthrowing governments in small countries, illegally experimenting on American citizens (see MKUltra), etc. What would be the final straw for you to renounce your U.S. citizenship? And if you did what country would you look at becoming a citizen of?
  15. I've been watching a playthrough of the Blackwell series recently, seems pretty good from what I've seen.
  16. Found it interesting that you liked the takedown attacks, they were pretty annoying to me and took me out of the game.
  17. Whomp! is fantastic, honestly laugh way too hard at some of the jokes. And other ones that have already been said are XKCD and SMBC. http://www.whompcomic.com/
  18. Is there going to be a thread for questions for the next video chat? or should we just ask them here?
  19. sckchui is one of my favourite lets players, he has a PhD in architecture which brings some really interesting commentary to his videos, and his videos aren't edited at all which gives them a kind of personal touch. In one of them he actually googles a walkthrough as he was playing the game lmao
  20. That argument could be made for any form of education... Especially ones that lean towards one political party or another. Why have schools at all if the kids have to choose what schooling type they get from experience or knowledge they don't yet have? Don't take away one valid schooling method for an illogical reason. (it seems like a logical argument, but take a look past the surface and you will see that it is not) As it is, every schooling system currently in existence is a form of indoctrination. Which school you go to determines what type of indoctrination you receive. Typical public schools teach many theories as fact, (like evolution) and generally push the students towards the Democratic side of the political spectrum. Typical Christian schools teach the bible as fact, (there really isn't any scientific counter-evidence that isn't itself highly controversial) some theories as fact, (like creationism) and generally push students towards the Republican-Independant side of the political spectrum. Why do you think it's a good idea to ban any of it? It is an interesting question—what is and what isn't indoctrination? I can't really speak for American schools, but I can't say the schools I've been to have really pushed me towards a certain political ideology. They have of course taught things that I disagree with, but those are few and far between. I think the main issue I have with religious schools is that they try to teach something that should be taken as moral advice as the truth. We've done religious studies in the past, from around grade 3-5, and that mainly focussed on Christianity. They didn't, however, teach it as fact. Most if not all my friends are atheists or agnostic, and I think that comes from the way religion is taught in schools over here. Is one religion better than another? It's all relative to what you're immersed in while growing up. I can say subjectively that I disagree with certain religions like Islam for their teachings, but I can also say the same for most religions. Do you think we should have more Islamic schools? Or do you think Catholicism should be the only religion taught? I see religion more like moral teachings, but I think people should be free to make their own minds up about those issues instead of being taught them in school. Having mandatory religious classes would be a smart move, or just teaching more about them in classes like Humanities. That way people can make their own decisions on what's right and what's wrong. But to play devil's advocate, what's the difference between teaching morals in schools and teaching a certain religion as fact? If I say to someone "Killing is wrong" do I have to back that up with facts right there and then? Or are certain issues 'obvious' in a sense? I think some topics may be, but of course that could just be side effect of the society I've grown up in. Should every opinion have to be backed up with the scientific method? I think that's one of the other issues I have with how certain religions are taught in religious schools, they say things that fly in the face of logic. How can someone say that the Earth is 6000 years old when we have proof of it being older? Of course you could always use the rebuttal "God just planted those dinosaur bones there when he made the Earth", and there's no real way of arguing with that. On a more personal note, do you think all religions are equal? Or do you think Catholicism is objectively 'correct'? Is there something specific that makes you stay Catholic? I don't think I've ever had a belief so strong that it lasts my entire life, I tend questions issues too much.
  21. Children don't get to choose which school they go to though, it's their parents that make that decision. Much like the separation of church and state in the US I don't think schools should have the ability to only allow people of a certain religion in the school. Are you Catholic by choice? Did you read over every bible and decide which one is the best? Or is it because your parents are Catholic? It just seems like indoctrination to me. I know you religious schools can't legally FORCE you to be of a certain religion, but they sure as hell try their hardest to.
  22. Frog Fractions is one of my favourite games of all time, seriously if you haven't played it you have to. And if you don't get it, just keep going. You'll figure out what to do eventually.
  23. The concept of religious schools is what bugs me though, if school is mandatory it shouldn't have affiliations to any specific kind of belief system. If people still want to send their kids to them that's fine, and stopping them from saying prayers in a religious school is silly. I'm just saying it would be better for there to be no religious schools in the first place.
  24. Beans. preferably ones without bugs in them, though.
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