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  1. Why use a wall when you can just put your solar protector around your entire body at any time of the day
  2. On the basis that each individual would have no close genetic ancestor and there is an even male female split, your saying that 5,000 separate bloodlines are needed at the start for sufficient genetic diversity?
  3. Approx. Translation: What is more entertaining: a 15 hours of a great comedian/movie/book (specifically comedy/books by George Carlin), or a really funny 15 minute video, specifically one made by Ross Scott I was fucking high on some good stuff while watching man v.s. Wild and decided to express this idea online
  4. Hey Ross, what is your view (or your girlfriends, if do not have one) on the new top party in Iceland, The Pirate Party.
  5. Keep the legitimate refuges and give economic migrants the ability to legally immigrate, but deport criminal and/or dangerous (terrorists and the such) out. Crackdown on economic migrants coming in but have more availability for them to migrate legally. This would be optimal but it would be very unlikely to happen on a major scale. When it comes to the actual political points, politicians have to choose between citizens and migrants. The citizens are the one's who will be able to vote, so populists parties will easily gain control with most neutral citizens seeing the migrants as a problem to their jobs and safety, like these truckers. In a way, Germany and its left leaning leaders, the center of the EU, killed it's own great project by letting migrants in without worry.
  6. Concerning the nanite bomb, its more than possible that the nanites could have been limited to how many times they could replicate. There could have also been a counter measure to the nanite bomb which would stop their uncontrolled replication. So its more than possible that the attack could be contained to chicago
  7. and this is why serious discussions do not happen on the internet. Your Welcome.
  8. #27: Importance of a legitimately balanced, fact based, unbiased new source. do we need it, or is it un-imporant in our society
  9. When I saw this topic, my first reaction was "Well this is going to go to shit" has not turned out as bad as i thought, but i'll keep waiting.
  10. Do what I do to keep off the brink of depression, Role Playing groups!. Your local game store should have some, a good group can really fill that gap and it can be easy to make friends that way. Just one meeting a week can really help you out socially, trust me.
  11. gotta get out my writing pad and a pencil, better take notes on this stuff from people a decade older than me! not that it will apply anytime soon, i'm aspy af and not in shape (as of now), still can't hurt to take notes from people who i will be quite similar to.
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