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  1. I used to run a rather popular Dungeon Siege community site, DungeonSiegeCenter.com - the domain has long been out of my control though. I just checked the WayBack machine... ahh, memories. No pay, constant demand for updates, people threatening lawsuits because I uploaded their submitted content a day before they wanted it to be available... Good times. We got 1.2 million unique visits in the first month. I've got a gold release of the game sent to me by Microsoft, they spent $24 US on the postage! HA! I miss my buddies SeaWolf and Liam, I'll have to look them up. Ross is right about the magic too, I always played ranger and had way more fun.
  2. I've got two: Beneath a Steel Sky UFO: Enemy Unknown / X-Com: Alien Defense I still regularly play UFO Enemy Unknown and Beneath a Steel Sky is a true classic, an absolute gem. I'd love to see Ross cover these at some point. I know both of these are pretty much mainstream and nothing like some of the things Ross generally manages to dig up (Nyet, I'm looking at you) but even so, Enemy Unknown is so much fun and Beneath a Steel Sky is so immersive with some fantastic atmosphere and graphic design.
  3. Side-scrolling Alien Breed with zombies and Quake 2 sound effects. It's pretty good fun but nothing new. I like how the main guy just doesn't seem to give a shit about anything in the introduction. He's just getting suited up to go in to space with a massive energy rifle with a face that says "I hate Mondays".
  4. Done and done! If I can help out even a little then that would be great.
  5. I'm a web developer (among other things) and I feel like the white screen we're being blessed with on some but not all profile update pages is likely due to an server side configuration error that is being suppressed from being displayed. If it's a 500 error then you'd need to look through logs... but if it's a phpBB error then perhaps it's already caught it and is attempting to let you know what's going on but debug mode isn't enabled. Nor should it be on a published, live site. I have no idea who is responsible for the forums since I'm a newb here so I don't want to be "that guy who doesn't know his place" but I've fixed errors like this on a nearly daily basis for over a decade. I used to run a fair few rather popular gaming sites (anyone remember MGON? Quake3Center?) back in the day and I'm familiar with both phpBB and WordPress, though I prefer Joomla if WordPress can be avoided. If you could send me an error log from the server I'd be happy to go through it to see if it's something simple, it often is. Alternatively if you enable error display via enabling debub mode in phpBB on a duplicate of the phpBB installation (on a duplicate database) then it would at least narrow it down. I feel like it's a file permissions error on a form that includes any sort of file upload, perhaps there's a disparity between the maximum filesize upload in phpBB and the php.ini upload limit on the server itself, perhaps it's a case of going through the upload directory 9espeically if there's a temporary directory used) and making sure you've got CHMOD correct on everything. I've had issues in the past with getting 500 errors on file upload due to the temporary folder not having the correct permission for the server to actually move the completed upload. It seems like when I don't upload a file the page goes blank rapidly, but when I'm uploading a file it waits for the upload to complete before going blank, that leads me to suspect that it's something happening after the upload script has run but before the next scripts gets a chance to run... so in those cases I check the scripts for errors (debug mode) and then move on to permissions. It's possible that an update to phpBB is not compatible fully with some installed extensions or integration in to the blog. I'm aware I may not be adding anything to the existing talent behind the site or saying something that hasn't been said before but I dusted off my old avatar and I'd quite like to start using it again! Also I like to feel helpful. EDIT: I forgot to mention earlier: one of the most easily overlooked permissions problem is directory permissions. You can have your files all done properly but if your upload directory, and any associated temporary directories, are not 777 then you're gonna have a bad time too.
  6. I don't know if there's a way to do it on the actual forum... But middle-clicking a link also works! If you have a scroll wheel that is - on your mouse. Control (Ctrl) and left click does the same thing in at least Chrome and FireFox if middle button doesn't play ball.
  7. I really like the Game Dungeon format, you can tell that effort has gone in to it and it's pretty well polished. This segment I actually enjoyed quite a lot but I think it was the choice of game that was the biggest problem. I think the format is pretty entertaining, if you had a better synergy with your partner that would help a lot too.
  8. Thanks for the welcome. As long as the majority of what people call me could be considered mostly positive I'll consider that a win!
  9. Mandatory Introduce Yourself post... My name is Lard. I am primitively rendered and not good for your health. I've been watching Accursed Farms videos for freakin' years and never felt it necessary to join the forums until now because... reasons I suppose. I enjoy long nights soldering failed prototypes of electronics projects, teaching my daughters how to code and spending time with my wife playing D&D. D&D can be both used literally and metaphorically there, we have three children so far.
  10. Last game I played: UFO: Enemy Unknown / x-COM: UFO Defense for the Northern American types. I've been playing this gem since I had my Amiga 1200 set up as my main machine. It's in my top five favourite games of all time for that reason. There are better games but I just can't stop playing it. I'd love to see Ross cover one of the series in some way, although to be honest it's downhill from the start from my perspective.
  11. Just registered to show a little vocal support for the fund raising, I'll probably end up hanging around for a while. Ross: your content is awesome and I'm really happy to see so many people are willing to agree with their wallets. I hope the donations are removing some of the burden from your shoulders! I know I work better when I've got less stress. Any time I find myself with a few £££ spare I'll be throwing them in. I've watched your stuff for years, almost all of it with an ad-blocker enabled, so I figure I owe you anyway.
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