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  1. Granted, but it takes forever. I wish I had a bunch of crappy superpowers.
  2. Looks like you guys need more people here to add in! Unfortunately I don't think I've seen much of Zaraki-checks animelist- Ok, I've seen enough. Has amazing taste in anime. Done.
  3. Man, I've been really missing out by ignoring things outside of the Serious discussion forum >.< Alright, feels to the people who are feeling jacked up, I've been there and I know how it is. To Selfsurprise and helio, nice profile pics. I like them. As to offending other people on the internet (GASP!)..... I think it's a bit unpractical at times to not offend people. Plus, the percent of communication that's nonverbal is about 90 percent, so dw about it, we can just talk it out if somebody is tripping. Although coincidentally that's also why I don't like talking/posting much on forums and just kind of lurk instead, it's difficult to convey my thoughts in an amiable way over pure text, and I'm kinda driven to make others feel better to an extent. So I guess it's safe to say we're all in the same boat here, unless you're an ubermensch and the perfect internet lifeform- come here to end my folly.
  4. I actually thought about that guy that wants to take a million people to mars (elon musk) some time ago. I think it's interesting, like watching history unfold before our very eyes. If he succeeds, he makes history, if he makes even the slightest progress, he still makes history. If he doesn't, or just straight up fails, we're probably pushed back a lot and people of the future will look back (Hello!) at us and frown. "Didn't they know we had to move eventually? Didn't they know X? It's like common knowledge, anybody normal should be able to figure it out." etc etc... Over all, it's nice to see some ambition with clear set goal posts.
  5. @ Amanda (Miss Stonesinger OOS) Welcome! Reading is nice. I like reading. @ Bjorn (Ursa Doom) Hello! (and welcome) I chuckled at your sig. Also, if you wanna hear passionate describing and we happen to be in a teamspeak/vent thing talking about games in the near future, ask me about zealot hockey. I can get pretty hype for that. Plus I know some religion stuff, so talking about that is cool too. @ Kirkreng Hello AND welcome! You know, I'm glad the stuff I posted on some forums years back isn't around anymore. Mann, I play hearthstone too. I love/hate it most the time. It's the worst. "sports)" Nice. Sports are cool. I'm a swimmer myself, and I enjoy soccer but I'm not on a team for it, looking into boxing because it's fun from what I've experienced.
  6. Humm, I'd refer to denotation and connotation. It's either denotative, in which X is literally X, or it's connotative, where X is what it is in the current context of the conversation. So it's essentially what everybody agrees upon it to be, on varying scales. I'm also assume you didn't mean people asking "what do you /mean/ by X?" but it's still worth mentioning, in which case they're raising it by making sure they're on the same page. I'd also like to add... that usually when I hear these questions asked they aren't asked in an attempt to sound cool or deep, but rather because it's what's actually crossed their minds. Because they don't have a full understanding what it means I guess. Also, intellect/smart is something that's usually broad and has different meanings to different people. Kind of bothers me sometimes that most assume good grades=smart/intellectual. TL;DR: open a dictionary and tell them what it is when someone asks you questions like that.
  7. So much to say vapy! I'm glad you defined what you see addiction as though. However I wouldn't limit addictions to healthy people, unhealthy people can get addicted too... So yeah, I was excited at first but then I actually read through the thread. I'm pretty on board with Heliocentral and BTG here. Although I wouldn't have been on the same page as Helio if you didn't probe further into his assertion. Also, haven't you met someone that's really hard on for something that isn't REALLY all that important? I knew a girl that insisted upon being depressed if she wasn't in a relationship, and would call me and cry about it... Then I've this friend down in uhh... Brazil. Yeah, down in Brazil, she's a friend who literally cries for curves, because (from what I've heard) having a good body is everything down there. Kids will make fun of eachother for not being born with what their culture deems as valuable. Even if it isn't what Helio was going on to, I feel it's a worthy idea to bring up. Bhuddism, seems to go hand in hand with this page of posts. Unless I've been reading it wrong once monks are ready they take it upon themselves to be abstinent all the way to not even masturbating. There's even rules against monks doing silly things like walking through tall grass without underwear on to get off. Now as to what Helio said in his #27, I still don't think I'm on board here, but I'll give what I think of it a go:... Hmm, I went off on a tangent because I didn't read it correctly. (not shown) Ok. So, after some thought, if they're too habitual they can't be broken so easily as to just quit. An addiction per se... With these natural inclinations towards such things, how are we to stop them, and what are we to replace them with? Unless there's something greater then it'll just get filled in with something else that's as equally unimportant, or even harmful. Honestly, the only thing I can liken it to in my mind is the shackles of sin, dumb stuff that pleases us yet isn't all that good or even helpful to anybody in the long run. Which of course should be given up in return for something greater, if we're even willing/able to do so in our current state. That's pm all I can come up with on that topic rn..... and then I'm notified helio posted again in response to vap. Maybe I'll come back later/soonish.
  8. Yeah, felt like this thread would pop up eventually. What I believe: Currently christian, charismatic. Believe that God still moves today and does stuff, and actively seek out/ask for gifts of the spirit, which come naturally from just knowing and getting closer to God/developing a better relationship with Him. What makes me religious: Well, basically a chain of events led me to showing up at a church one day sophomore year of highschool, and there I felt a love I had never felt before, and learned all sorts of cool stuff. Previously I would say I'd believe in God just to meet the status quo, and didn't give it much thought. My thoughts on other people's beliefs: Hmm. Yup, they exist. If they wanna hear about Jesus or seem open to stuff from the bible I'll tell them about it. Oft times I'll tell them about it without even mentioning the bible, like how Jesus would tell how the kingdom of heaven works through parables. Otherwise people can believe what they will, I'm not here to preach to everyone and their mom, nor will everyone accept me. Good/bad exp with other religious people: I hear/met a lot about "white witches" and stuff that don't actually do anything :/. Besides that heathens (the people that literally refer to themselves as heathens) are actually surprisingly cool and well grounded. Hmm, I also met a dude who practiced magic and he was cool too, albeit he had some problems we worked through. Hmmm....Perhaps an unpopular statement, but I've met a lot of people claiming to be christians yet if tried in a court of law they wouldn't be able to themselves as one. And one last outlier would be when I volunteered at a kids camp once and they were taught to speak in tongues as a proof of the holy spirit. Imo, I feel that's kind of a faux pass for real fruits, but it isn't really my business what they do. Besides that, most everything falls into normal parameters and is well and good.
  9. With all the others, welcome. Good luck with socializing, imo forums has been much harder than IRL. I was gonna list reasons why but I don't figure you need them: p But as some encouragement, I figure socializing is like a muscle. The more you do it the easier it becomes and the better you get at it, so by all means, help yourself to commenting and talking to us if you so desire.
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the baby boomers got off pretty easy. Unfortunately, there will always be hardships. With post revelations being an exception. "...I don't even know how one might reach that conclusion." It challenges or bothers some people, makes them uncomfortable. Maybe rises up hate in them for past experiences they've had. Basically, they don't like it and they want it gone, I don't figure it's much more than that. At least those are the very first things that've come to my mind rn. [/quote=Heliocentrical] While it is undoubtedly screwed once I realized that I had no power in any way, shape or form to unscrew it I stopped caring. Not with that attitude! : P (I'd reduce the distance between those two if I could...and I broke the quote too!) 1:Yeah, I used to think like that, until I realized I'd have much more fun (and do) burning away everything that's wrong or bad around me. 2:By the very definition of miraculous you're wrong >.> 3:Err, why not just like dust them off? Also, something doesn't add up here, just because some life can be ended easily doesn't mean it's worthless. That's like saying things that can't be broken are infinitely valuable. 4:Most organized religions I know of would say no, but I figure you're not too concerned with that, so I'm not really expecting a response on this one. 5:I get where you're coming from, yeah, most people aren't going to change stuff because they're going about it the wrong way, or they're just in the wrong place, or really any other reason that could be keeping them. However, I'll have you know, even the smallest actions have gran affects in the long run. Just by being nice to someone you could be stopping them from suicide later, and them not killing themselves could lead to one of their descendants being the next genius. It's all a matter of perspective. Sure, here and now your actions are meaningless, but in the long run you're crazy important.
  11. Yes and no. From a societal standpoint, it's basically the same as it always has been and will be, until the end of these ages. From an energy/nature standpoint, we haven't actually had much an impact, besides obvious catastrophes like the BP oil spill. Education? Locked down by political lackeys of our rich ruling class. Having people smart enough to realize we're basically living a mix of a brave new world and 1984 by George Orwell wouldn't exactly be good. (For them.) Money? Oh boy, do I really need to break out the charts and graphs? I'm sure we all know things are terribly wrong here in the US when it comes to pay. But this is part of the society/education thing. Natural, to be fixed later, post revolution. Politically: Yeah, same old same old. People going into this arena are literally blind to the world around them, just like Buddha was post him doing his thing. Culturally? It'll change. Pretty natural. Over all I'd say things are going pretty swimmingly, it's just we're just getting the beginning of a new renaissance/resurgence of common knowledge/sense. Basically, just chill and ride the wave that is what's coming. Oh yeah, for the whole robot thing, it's not happening. Not for a long time, maybe never. Jobs? Yes a hundred times over. World domination? A silly thought right now, as we can't even explain what WE are. (The hard problem of consciousness) How are you going to recreate something that you don't even understand in the first place?
  12. Actually... I don't think much about the future, I've an idea where I want to go, but it isn't set in stone. Being an adult? Hmmm. I suppose it'll be cool, won't get treated like a non-adult, for what it's worth. Although, entering a larger part of the population group I suppose I should be lookout for those who would confuse me for a dolt. (insert tongue in cheek emoticon) And because this is the general thread... Does nobody find it weird that the field of dentistry still feels like the stone age? I'm probably just ignorant of the topic but... really. Besides implants/bleaching I can't think of anything that's very new.
  13. Ok, so for real, I'm probably an INTP with a good grasp on feeling+learning to be philanthropic, and also having the experience of being "popular". As far fetched as that sounds, I'd present the evidence of acting like one when I was a child, consistently scoring INTP on tests just a year or two back, and generally being all about ideas and recognizing patterns/oddities, you know, stuff that's fun. Now I most likely get mistyped for having picked up on what others do and still doing it. I guess the J I got comes from realizing what ( I think) is good for people after seeing people do the same thing over and over, and not wanting to just see the story play over again with different characters. So, with that out of the way, here's how I'd imagine the types when they're REALLY ticked off. INTJ: Your beliefs/you are inferior and I'm going to make you realize it. INTP: I'm going to ruin your life over time through a long and intricate plan, and generally fantasize your downfall INFJ: You remember all that stuff you told me? Because I do, and I'm going to oust you in public. I also hear that INFJs have a tendancy to drag their feet when they don't want to do something but choose to in favor of not facing conflict. Bleh, thinking about negatives isn't fun >.< Also, took the test, was pretty fun, got phlegm. A girl I know showed it to me once, and I had fun disassembling it whilst she told me what she learned about it in class.
  14. My WPM on this laptop is 73, I think It's higher on my desktop. Also, 17, going to be grown up sooner or later, like a month or two. I suspected your WPM was 134. You posted just before I guessed >.< Was gonna go back and check the general length of your posts.
  15. You know, I thought about this stuff recently. Does anybody know of a personality system/test that actually has something to represent those with a "well rounded" personality, or those who just copy/reflect people in the immediate vicinity?
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