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  1. Valentine's candy because somebody around here jumped the gun and didn't wait for the big valentine's candy sale happening in two days
  2. I figured out I was in a dream, so I set out to do some cool shit. But instead I wound up in an empty... manor? It's like if somebody owned one of those taller apartment buildings and turned it into a single residence. Very vertical. So I kept running up to the next floor, which would be just as empty as the last one. And then I woke up.
  3. I just bought a pack of natural casing hot dogs because I had the last one at my aunt's house. The problem with that being it was apparently the dog's dinner. This dog eats better than I do on some days.
  4. http://www.pcgamer.com/valve-reveals-its-plan-to-replace-steam-greenlight/ It looks like there's going to be a bit more oversight into getting a game onto Steam. Good on Valve for doing their job. The one line that brings me skepticism is that they're considering having "a recoupable application fee" ranging anywhere from $100-5000 (they've yet to decide). Besides the big question of what indie dev has 5k sitting around, I want to know what they mean by recoupable. Do the devs get it back from Valve directly? Would there be stipulations regarding the game's success for that? Are devs just going to get a larger portion of the game's early sales to make up for it?
  5. I like the idea of levels not being constant in one direction too. Like how in some of the earlier final fantasy games there are spells that can raise or lower the level of a character. Of course, naturally leveling up needs to not be too difficult if you're going to give an enemy the power to delete your experience
  6. I used to have a beard, but then beard culture came for me and I had to shave it. So I can't recommend growing one.
  7. For multiplayer games (where most of this discussion takes place), tick rate is a lot more important than framerate. Granted, it seems a lot easier to have a high tick rate so it's not complained about often.
  8. Not even heart? It's almost as good as tongue.
  9. The good thing about the Switch is that I won't be able to buy it at release so I can't jump the gun on it. My biggest concern is how... mandatory the gimmicks on it are. The WiiU pushed more than a few people away if only because they didn't have any use for the screen.
  10. I just watched my brother pick the egg out of his fried rice. Such. A picky eater.
  11. My favorite conspiracy has to be the Business Plot. Basically, in the 1930s, a group of wealthy (like, stupidly wealthy) business leaders were accused of conspiracy to assassinate the president and use a military takeover of the government to turn the US into an Oligarchy (with them at the top). Apparently their plans went under because it turns out the general they went to with this idea was more patriotic than they first assumed. Nothing came out of it; either the plan was too early on to have good evidence it existed, or the people involved were too rich to investigate. Notable among the businessmen was Prescott Bush. Yes, of THAT Bush family.
  12. An RPG with minimal attacks/damage spells where all combat is based around status effects Of course, status effects in that game would be considerably more painful than the average RPG
  13. Was going to dayquil up and power through work, but I draw the line at fever dreams. (And now work isn't answering the phone)
  14. Apparently there were three more weddings in the area tonight. I thought that it'd be a bad idea to have something like this on a holiday, but apparently it's not that bad of an idea if it's that popular? My best guess is that this is no problem to half of the guests, who weren't going to be out until/past midnight regardless. I'm certainly not in the part of my life where wedding planning is a big thing for me, but I still think it's weird.
  15. My favorite part is in the comments where Sterling said that No Man's Sky was too mediocre/unimportant to be on the list
  16. 85fILN_m5pg Jim's thoughts on emulators/piracy are interesting (how many times can you repackage the same video game?). I'm not exactly a fan of pirating games, but also I have a problem with how the length of copyrights keeps increasing so that Disney can keep Steamboat Willie out of the public domain. There comes a point where everybody involved with the original is dead and/or not making money on it, and I think the public should have a chance with it. I mean, look at Dracula. He's public domain and doing great. Mostly.
  17. There was snow here, but it also rained on Christmas. I almost lost control of my car a few times. Also, throw rocks if you want, but I don't miss Awards Time too much. It tended to repeat what was already said in the video. The awards themselves made for cool icons though.
  18. Engineer was my most played class, so I picked him. There's a real sense of teamwork you get while playing him, assuming your team helps you. You also get people that underestimate his shotgun, which is always a good time.
  19. Secret of Monkey Island (Remastered).
  20. Homestuck already got mentioned, so all I'll say is it's a commitment. And also to use the wiki a lot. I do love it though. Problem Sleuth is on the same website as Homestuck, and more worth checking out if you don't want to read thousands of pages. Probably would have been funnier if you were playing it (it took requests from the forums), but still worth your time if you're a fan of old-school puzzle games. And text. Paranatural is about a city with high ghost levels, and the people who can interact with them. The plot itself can be generic, but the characters and tone carry it all the way. The last arc I was reading (really bad at keeping up with things, better at binging), was a dodgeball game. Also one of the players is possessed, and the main character is getting blackmailed during the game. Great comic if you're okay with going from comical to serious and back again.
  21. A Blue Snowball microphone. The king of start-ups and wannabes everywhere. I also got a bottle of pecan pie whiskey. It's good for shots, but I don't know howany drinks you can make with it. Maybe an old fashioned would work, but it's too sweet to add cola too.
  22. Hey everyone. Profile picture/related things to come later because I'm in the middle of resetting my sleep schedule and on a cell phone right now. I was wary about joining at first since forums tend to be bad. But it's Ross's birthday and he's keeping me awake at the moment so. I'd like to be a content creator (doesn't everyone) (primarily writing and a podcast project), but becoming an accountant wouldn't be bad either. Unless society does collapse. Everything needs accounting nowadays, but that degree won't mean a lot if taxes stop existing and we barter for everything. Edit: If anybody else is seeing this post as horribly spaced out, I don't know what it is. It looks perfectly fine in the preview.
  23. As the title said, this is more of a problem that is likely to happen after all the initial problems. Many of them are going to change where people live as much as how. For example, commuting isn't going to exist unless we get a replacement for oil. Assuming we still have society, a lot of people are going to have to move further into already crowded cities. (Alternatively, suburban areas start getting more, smaller workplaces. Unlikely though). No cars would also put a lot of stores out of business. That restaurant right off the highway? You're not walking there. Many cities in the US are uninhabitable if electric and water stops running. We've turned a lot of the desert in the south and southwest into metropolitan areas. They'd need to find a new home, or risk dying after the bottled and canned goods are used up. And they might not even have cars to get out of there with. On top of those problems, not everybody already living in a more fertile environment is going to be happy with a few thousand people moving in. The midwest probably has enough farmland for everybody (for substinace), but I can see land disputes happening easily. I'm on the optimistic side, and think new socities would form fairly quickly in the event of a collapse, but that also means we could have a former industrial farmer ruling the land he used to have a deed to and make serfs out of everybody. I might be thinking too far ahead, but the mass migration of people will be a civilization problem of its own when the other problems start really hurting the world. I live near a lake, and near farmland, so I'm not too worried about myself. Being a serf would suck, though.
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