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  1. I made a list of games that I want to see on Game Dungeon, but then I realised that the list got so BIG that I will not post everything now (also, some games I will give a second look to see if they are a good idea or not). I will post others later, but for now... Ace Ventura Also know as "Ace Ventura: The CD-ROM Game" (quite redundant name, I know), this is a point and click adventure game based of the Ace Ventura animated spinoff. I do have some vague memories of playing the demo of this as a kid, and I do remember some weird shaneningans like a underground facility that extract the body fat of seals using a massive roller pin. I consider this one quite obscure since not many point and click enthusiast covered this one yet, and the wikipedia page about it is pretty barren. I'm not expecting exceptional quality from this game though (quite the contrary, in fact), but that is for Ross to decide. Bloodwings: Pumpkinhead's Revenge This game may not be a good idea for Game Dungeon because it's pratically beating a dead horse at this point, but the mere existence of it still begs for this treatment. And hey, if Ross has no better ideas for a Halloween special, here's one. (and also, if Ross even considers doing it, he could try to bring the guy who figured how to beat this madness as a guest) If Ross considers Armed & Delirious the black sheep of weird games, I consider Bloodwings: Pumpkinhead's Revenge the black sheep of bad licensed games. One reason being that this game was forgotten until Spoony dug it up, and that it never shows on bad licensed games lists (or, at least, I've never seem a list with it). The other reason is that this game goes beyond the usual badness these kind of games have. For starters, when you think bad licensed game, you think a bare-bones and badly designed game based on something that was really popular at the time just to earn a quick buck. But this game is based on a movie that was trashed for being a bad sequel (and direct-to-video on top of that) of a lesser know monster movie franchise. How do you even have the idea to license something like that? It's simply asking for bankrupcy. Also, this game is a hybrid between a FPS, a adventure game, and a FMV game. And saying that this game has moon logic is being a bit too generous, I would say that this game has downright TROLL LOGIC instead. This game is not impossible to beat, but it's full of mean traps that are meant to make you ragequit, like the "hell room" on the second level, a tiny room where every enemy you kill in the level respawn there instead, and you NEED to pass it in order to enter the final room (unless you passed there before killing many enemies to unlock a shortcut, but the game gives zero hints and fucks). And the ending... Oh, the ending... It just reinforces the theory that the designers were huge trolls and weren't expecting anyone to beat it. Dune Never played this one, but I think it might be a good material for a GD episode. We all know how Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty is a very influential game in the industry and helped create the RTS genre, but don't you guys notice something odd? I'll give a hint, it's the "II". The only similarity between both games, aside the license, is that they were both produced by Virgin Interactive, but Dune II was developed by Westwood, and this game was developed by Cryo Interactive. (the same guys responsible for the Megarace series) As for the game, it loosely follows the plot of the novel. You are Paul Atreides, and you need to rally the Fremen tribes on the planet Arrakis to defeat House Harkkonen and the Saudaukar. It seems to be a hybrid between a point and click adventure game and strategy, where you go and meet the tribes, and them assign the Fremen to military training and other tasks. Shakii the Wolf This is another one of the many mascots that came in the 90's to cash in Sonic's success, but this one really got lost in time. So lost, in fact, that I do remember playing the demo of it as a kid, and then thinking as a adult this was some kind of fever dream until I discovered through Youtube that it really exists, and I do remember it being kind of a mix between a platformer and a beat 'em up. Total Distortion I would say that this game is not that obscure anymore since it's catchy Game Over screen became kind of viral at some point, but that's what most of the internet know about it. I tried to play this thanks to that however, but I gave up in frustration without progressing that much, because this game seems to be too much complex for it's own good. But, from the little that I've played, I can say that the Game Over screen is just the tip of the iceberg. To begin with, this game opens with a extremely over-the-top lore: It's about humanity discovering an alien artifact that allows extradimensional teleportation, but instead of finding aliens worlds we find bizzare dimensions based on many aspects of pop culture, ranging from genres of music to cartoons. And these dimensions are created from our collective minds. And our protagonist is some guy/gal that decided to go the Distortion Dimension to videotape it's phenomena to create music videos. But the Metal Lord, the ruler of the dimension, wants to kill you because videotaping is stealing. If that description does not convince Ross to cover it, I don't know what will.
  2. Sorry for the double post, but I found the name of this one already, it's called Gooch Grundys X-Decathlon. (and I didn't remembered there was a monkey too) [EDIT] Found this one too, it's a platformer called Crazy Drake. And the macguffin is not a gem apperently, it's a golden egg. (but I got very close )
  3. You guys remember this game from Ross's Moon Gaming, and even though I can agree with Ross that the game is not that good, I still think the soundtrack is awesome. I searched Youtube and I found out that one guy uploaded it, but he didn't made a playlist so I will put individual links here: Main theme Cargo Hold Engine Room Living Quarters Shuttle Ancient Temple Mountains Caribbean Pyramids Wastelands Factory Cyborg Plant Residential City Center Construction Yard Military Base Boss theme
  4. When thinking about suggestions, there were some weird games that got images stuck in my head since childhood, but I don't know their names (and also I only played them through Demo Disks) so I will give vague descriptions to see if anybody here can help me: * One is a side-scroller for DOS, and features a duck in a superhero costume that looks like a buffed (or at least I think it is) version of Daffy Duck. And the plot is that he's a prince from a planet, and he was supposed to guard a royal gem when their parents were away, but he was distracted playing videogames and the gem got stolen, and then he dresses as a superhero to get it back. Yes, I can remember THOSE details and yet I can't remember the name of the game, marvelous... * A FPS, but this one I think is for windows, and it tries to be non-violent like Chex Quest. You shoot pies on clowns. (that's it) * Another FPS for windows, but this one is a bit more weird. The only things I remember about this one is that you shoot undead and chinese necromancers. (or at least I think they look chinese) * A platformer, but you can't jump and you only go up and down using moving platforms. It's 2D but sprites are 3D Donkey-Kong style, and the heroes look like american hero stereotypes. Also, I remeber a cartoony purple alien stuck in a roast machine. (yeah...) * A game that's more close to Dig Dug, but you are a prisioner and you are trying to avoid guards. You can also dig to rocks to let them fall and kill them. * The weirdest one in my opinion. It's a game that's some kind of olympics and it's divided in mini-games, but the sprites are digitized actors (like Mortal Kombat), and the characters you can choose are a fat guy, a amazon chick, a buff dude, and a ALIEN. And the competitions from the demo where climbing a tall building and avoiding falling objects, and a arena brawl. Oh, and each character had their own projectiles, and the fat guy shoot pizza slices.
  5. Quite interesting game. Like you said, this had potential to be a unique game if it had more "meat" into it. I would say that this quite reminds me of Majesty a little, except that in Majesty you only had the building part and you heroes would run away even if they had the advantage.
  6. There's only one thing that I disagree with Ross in this review: The gold standard of bad voice acting in games is not Resident Evil, it's House of the Dead 2:
  7. HOLY SHIT! I had this game stuck in my head since childhood but I couldn't remember the name. Thanks, now I will hunt it down to play again.
  8. I can see your point, I had this exact feeling when I watched Spoony's Bloodwings: Pumpkinhead's Revenge video a long time ago (when he was still good). That wasn't just a bad licensed game, it was a bad licensed game from an already bad entry from a lesser-know monster movie franchise. Not only that, at the time Spoony did his video there was practically no information on the game, he even called it "the game that the internet forgot". And the biggest plot twist on this entire history is that the video peaked the attention of one of his fans (called mmntw26 at the time), that was a big fan of the Pumpkinhead's movies. He had bought a copy of the game before Spoony's video but didn't made much progress, but after the review he became determined to decipher and finish the game, and he even made a let's play of it. And he also wrote the ONLY guide to this game: https://www.gamefaqs.com/pc/564489-bloodwings-pumpkinheads-revenge/faqs/58487 That's one hell of a rabbit hole if you ask me, because the game is not only a weird hibrid of FMV-game/FPS/Puzzle, it also have the most cryptic bullshit imaginable, and some of it IS APPARENTLY INTENTIONAL. How are the chances of a game like THAT even being produced?
  9. Recently grabbed the 2016 DOOM on the last sale. Played a bit of it on it's free weekend, and I really liked it so I couldn't miss it. Also got some other games, including Mystik Belle and Spark: The Eletric Jester. But maybe I will not play these sooner since I still have to do a serious clean-up in my Steam library. (and by clean-up I mean pick and play a lot of games)
  10. Ross, I've been following your Game Dungeon series on Youtube recently, but only now I got motivated to enter the forum because I felt I needed to congratulate you "personally". You outdone yourself this time, you really went down into the rabbit hole in this episode. (no pun intended) I'm aware of many weird and obscure games, but I never imagined a game like this existed. And it's funny, because I'm aware of some really crazy stuff. (like Cho Aniki, or even Total Distortion)
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