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  1. Being full time Linux user keeps becoming easier and convenient. I could say the same thing year ago, and this year is even better comparing to the last one.
  2. I'm playing new Pokemon. A lot of Pokemon. I'd say it's one best entries in the series.
  3. 5/10 never've been big on Sunset and because avatar shows whole character it is too small.
  4. Damn, the finale hit me more than I expected.
  5. This is exactly why results of studies being reproducible is such a big deal is science. There are number of reasons why results of a study can be wrong – we're all just human. For example, we might not account something that actually changes the result. That's why single study showing something isn't really worth that much. Multiple studies showing the same thing however is different matter. I might not trust single team researching something (and some magazines will publish literally anything, so it's always worth checking where it was published), but not trusting 10 independent teams simultaneously is much more of a stretch.
  6. Remember, always reveal the gay at the very end of the show, so they can do nothing about it.
  7. Not just "some". This time Blizzard was especially awful, because they banned and financially punished player for voicing his support for freedom and human rights protest. This is especially bad as more and more western entertainment is being created with Chinese censorship in minds, meaning media we consume is being effectively censored by Chinese government.
  8. Situation on https://www.reddit.com/r/Blizzard/ is truly glorious.
  9. Show after season 4 has it moments, some of my favorites even. I love Starlight, I love Maud (who doesn't) and Autom Blaze was super adorable. It never was quite the same as S1-2 for me though. The team behind the show handles new characters well, but seems to be off, when writing mane6. If you are somehow recent, you should really watch DWK's "Totally Legit Recap". It's quite vulgar, but good.
  10. I'd rather not use it to begin with.
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