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  1. Some games can be played without client (you just go into steamapps directory and run them from there) and it should be possible to use fake client as well, so backing up your Steam games is very possible. https://steam.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_DRM-free_games edit: Interesting – looking at this list I found out that Dust: An Elysian Tail can be played DRM-free on Linux, but not on Windows.
  2. Someone's excited about new Tony Hawk's remake.
  3. Funny thing about this song is that I'm listening to it over and over again
  4. So, apparently 5G caused/linked coronavirus conspiracy theories are becoming popular. What a time to live in. We simultaneously have better access to more reliable information than ever and come up with stupidest ideas about the world.
  5. Unfortunately, this is out of my field of expertise. I might be of some help if I were to help with specific results for specific title though as it's easier than dealing with more abstract problem.
  6. Recommending Arch to non-Linux person is a terrible idea. And I say that as someone who used it for extended period of time and loves the system. Many desktop environments have build in options for scaling, so that's probably better road to take. I'll try to look into Ross's post once I'm done with my work.
  7. Animal Crossing. It's good for long team calls during work from home.
  8. I don't see a point in pirating software when there's free and open source application doing all I need. I'd use Krita on Windows as well. Of course, again, there are things Photoshop can do that Krita can't, that's why you look if application can do that you need done.
  9. That's my point. People have different needs and there's no reason to force yourself to use Linux if you don't care for privacy/software freedom/Linux features. For those who do care using different software or wine/proton often is worth it. As for GIMP, personally I prefer to use Krita and I recommend it even for Windows users, but I don't work with graphics professionally, so I wouldn't pay for Photoshop anyway.
  10. That's not a great way to look at the problem. Nobody needs run Windows-only programs, rather we need to run programs that do the job we want done. So while I can't run every Windows-only program I can get my job done. Of course, depending on ones needs this might differ, just like I can't run things I'd like to on Windows.
  11. Being full time Linux user keeps becoming easier and convenient. I could say the same thing year ago, and this year is even better comparing to the last one.
  12. I'm playing new Pokemon. A lot of Pokemon. I'd say it's one best entries in the series.
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