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  1. Did he mention how they met each other? His wife is from Poland too? Does Ross speak in Poland language?
  2. Does anyone recognize this first music from this track? Sounds somehow similar to Resident Evil 4 beginning music. But I can't find source from both games.
  3. This site is good? I mean music from it doesn't have some crap and marketing as gog music does? And how to download full pack at once, not one by one?
  4. Hello friendos, I want to rip or find full soundtrack to all legends of kyrandia games. I tried to rip music fromthe game with dragon unpacker but it didn't work. Does anyone have soundtrack to this game? I mean not youtube crap. Or better yet - help me out to rip game archives for music. I have something for that in exchange...
  5. This is kid of sad. I have to die before Ross cease exploring Game Dungeons.
  6. Ross's voice cast for bartender, Bhenblod and other was heavenly. I want Ross to make a game movie fully voiced by himself.
  7. This game is ok, gameplay is meh but it gives you feel of loneliness and desperation. And music is gorgeous, listen to this Sometimes I just listen to this song.
  8. Did Ross mention something about his girlfriend, how did they met or something? I am lonely too.
  9. There are a lot of topics with music, some of which I can't even download. What do you think about creating a soundtrack storage right here for all the music from games or even movies or something?
  10. Hello, sometimes I hear from Ross or connected sources to him that he lives in Poland. Is it some USA city or The Poland? A country in eastern Europe. I ask because I can't imagine what happened and mr. Ross moved to Poland from USA. Does Ross speak in Poland language? Why Poland? This drives me crazy. The only reason I can find is: life in USA costs much higher and Ross could only afford to live in a country like Poland from his earnings. Did Ross tell about how life in Poland?
  11. Hello, I begun watching game reviews casually, started off from mandalore, joseph anderson, sseth and others. I consumed their content in a few month and looked for more. I asked on some website for good game reviewers or something and someone recommended Ross's Game Dungeon and tons of others to me. I tried to watch it from the beginning - Tyrian, I checked like half of the video or less and turned it off, my thoughts were: some strange guy make reviews for old games, not really good voice acting - not my thing. Then I am gone to other channels. I wanted to say that I usually listen to those reviews during work or rest and if it is good - I may even re-watch it. So I consumed those others game reviewers along with a lot of serial movies and begun to look for more stuff. And again I asked advice in the internet - what to watch about games or movies and someone recommended Game Dungeon to me again. Ok, I clicked the link and decided to watch a review about one of the few games I knew from the list - Deus Ex. And boy, what a mistake that was when I turned Game Dungeon off the first time. Now my browser plays Game Dungeon non-stop for a few months now. I watched each episode from Game Dungeon at least 5 times and at most 15 or 20. The only big trouble I collided with - I need more of this, not less, more, give me MORE game dungeon series! I am like Bozo, but instead of beer I want to watch myself with Game Dungeon to my end. More on this later.
  12. Hello, I was thinking about what if Ross dies - then what? No more accursed farms, no more game dungeons, this site will be closed. What do you think about it?
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