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  1. Same thing as the gaming thread on the topic. This one's easy for me, so I'll start. The new Star Wars movies. Solo I didn't like that much, but all the others I thought were pretty good for the most part.
  2. I got one game idea i'd like to someday see: an open world train based survival game. you'd be in this big wasteland of open fields, forests, towns, all that, and you could go anywhere, but the main focus would be moving around by train. Finding new cars to hook up, upgrading the engine, plus all the classic wasteland stuff of toxic areas, and monsters. It'd also be cool if you could move around as the train is moving so you can do on the move repairs and stuff, maybe include a way for players to tether themselves to the train so if they fall off the engine will start to slow down and not just run away, like a safety cord on an exercise machine. I don't think anyone would ever make a game like that, because who the hell aside from me would ever buy a "survival train simulator."
  3. Well that's good to know, i'll remember that.
  4. I really like big warfare in games; loads of soldiers, boots on the ground, stuff that makes you feel like just one grunt among a whole army, but I don't like having to worry about finding full servers as a game gets older. I've found some like ArmA that have bots so you can do what you want offline as big as you want, but are there any others? it doesn't even have to be realistic, the scale, and being offline is what matters to me. I've looked around a bit, but it's hard to find stuff since I keep getting recommended online games.
  5. I did, sorry about that. felt embarrassed by it since I was worried people would find it weird that I thought the game was hard. hens why I made this to check.
  6. I've been playing games for as long as I can remember, and to this day it's basically the only thing I do in my free time. But it's come to my attention (now more than ever) that I am really, really bad at them. Apparently Fallout 4 is seen as really easy. wasn't to me, by a long shot. This got me worried; I've spent a lot of time playing games, probably too much. and yet after years, and years, I'm still really, really bad at them. Should I be worried? I'm starting to think I might actually have a learning disability or something.
  7. I played this game solo a while ago, I thought it was great. honestly I just with it was a bit longer, but I guess that's better than over staying it's welcome.
  8. I've played all of the main fallouts (including New Vegas.) and for some reasons 4 still sits as my favorite. I have a feeling what I want out of Fallout is a bit different from the majority of fans, because I think the characters in 4 are some of the best the games have had. As for the writing, I personally think it's pretty good, but that being said, I also don't really go full English teacher on it, so I'm probably just shrugging off any problems it has without knowing it.
  9. Last game I played today was Touhou 10. still can't get past the 2nd stage without wasting a continue.
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