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I think I’m going to have to cancel the videochat this month since I’m still sick and I have no confidence of my throat being in good shape by the 14th at this point. While I could push it back another week, it starts to not make much sense since it will come up against the February videochat.

This is one of the slowest recoveries I’ve had in years, though I think I am getting overall better. I would classify my status as “sick” now, an upgrade from “zombie” earlier, but it still feels like there’s a frog in my throat. Even if I’m healed up by this weekend, talking for hours maybe shouldn’t be the first thing I do once I’m well. I really have no idea when my voice is going to be back, but I hope to slowly start working on more things, particularly the website and the movie. In the event that my voice comes back sooner, a video this month is still possible, but I can’t predict anything right now.

I sometimes think of the viewers as my boss, so on that note, I’ll either be working on things related to the videos that don’t involve any voicework, or staring into space in a stupor, doing absolutely nothing. This concludes my performance report for 2018.


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