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I work with clay, do sketch work, write poetry, and occasionally begin short story projects.


Do you ever wander aimlessly around your home, going nowhere but along your thoughts?

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It changes from time to time, but a song that's currently up there is Chrono Trigger, specifically this version:





Same question

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It's a tough decision, because that's literally hundreds of songs, but the song with the biggest impact on me is Don Dokken's Dream Warriors:



and I guess I'll repeat the question

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This version of this song - at the very end, after a bunch of others on that live album had almost brought me to the same point - is the only song that has full-on brought me to tears. At that, yes, I'd say it is my favorite song.


Do you ever write poetry?

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Well I write comics and brainstorm ideas, so if that counts, yeah. Otherwise, a few poetry now and then, but nothing noteworthy.


Repeat the question.

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I've written stories here and there, though my last project (which was the biggest one I'd ever started) had to be retired before completion due to circumstance. Afterwards, I fell into a slump which lasted half a year, and have only just begun my first project since. Otherwise, I do poetry when I'm in the mood.


Do you like to sing?

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Does being super charismatic count as a superpower? I want to be able to talk my way through everything.


What song are you addicted to right now?


Call of Duty

This isn't a guilty pleasure, CoD is good.

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