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Count to 1,000,000

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2463 - For some reason the previous post number, and this number remind me of Battlefield 1942 and 1943...

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@Binky: Actually I think the pause between Alyxx's post and yours makes it better. XD


2470 - The year when giant robots will roam the Earth.

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2476 - The Biker Mice from Mars get their own TV show which is broadcast back in time so that kids of the 1990's receive it instead of the current ones.

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2477 - Assuming that becoming TV stars would be a effective form of infiltration, the Biker Mice get fed up with their reputation, general poor-quality programming, and rabid online fanbase, realising that Humanity is not the resourceful, super-intelligent civilisation they were led to believe. Their evacuation back to Mars is caught live on camera and becomes their most watched episode. They reject the money.

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