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FYI, I refuse to rate avatars that have anything to do with that show since it usually ends up with fans of that show complaining.


Feel free to skip rating my avatar if you wish. :)

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9/10 Excited Dash makes me smile : )


Also BTG(Is that what I call you?) I don't mind. I know the amount of pony crap on the net is a bit overwhelming.

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Now that someone said that looks like Bill, I kind of want a unicorn mod for L4D2. Skewering zombies with a mythical creature would be pretty sweet.

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a failed Third Reich/NIEN!


First thought: KILL HITLER!


Second thought: Wait... it's not Hitler.


Third thought: Is it a Nazi?


Fourth thought: I'll rate something stupid then.

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It's the Luftrauser pilot. The Luftrauser's team looks similar aesthetically to Nazi's, but are in fact not Nazi's. You can get Vlambeer's official statement here, if you want. I couldn't really put it better myself.


Though as far as them being good or evil, some of the skull iconography reminds me of Mitchell and Webb's sketch "






Still waiting for that mod/10

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I hate that idiot for some unfathomable reason... Only got the 5 because it was part of one of Ross's videos.

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