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Don't Watch that last one.....No really don't do it.

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Cheap scares are always the easiest to see coming (*cough* Doom 3 *cough*).

At least they weren't as obvious as Dead Space 2...

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You could play the first 10 minutes and realize the entire game was going to be enemies behind doors and enemies spawning behind you.


Anyway, going off-topic.

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This isn't something I watched, but a youtube comment I read, and I quote

Why don't you go fuck your mom Dennis. I'm sure she loves getting fucked.
. I looked, and really, there was no reason for that comment, hell there's never a reason for that kind of comment, but I mean a Youtuber named KingDennisJensen said something about terminal velocity, which krustygerbil replied with the mother comment. The land of youtube comments is one strange place.

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