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What are you listening to?

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"Oh my god, what is this disco shit, where's the fucking dubstep?"

I love Rob so much.

Steam: Annie
Discord: Annie#6365

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The first and ONLY song of Robin Thicke I like. Unfortunately, he's one of these artists who came to the dark side. Nowadays he's a macho copy of Justin Timberlake, making money on cheap songs about love and sex :( (And he cut his hair! What a scandal! Here, he looks a bit like Ross :D )


Anyways! Here he is! Cool Jesus on a bike!


Ross's girlfriend (IRL) Twitter: @AmazingMagda follow me! ^^to somewhere! ^^

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My chair reminding me that it's due for it's next oil change... (I have to lube it every 6 months, I use white lithium grease)

I'm full of shit

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Oh, you have a robotic chair like this?






Not quite... Lazy Boy reclining office chair from the 80's.




I'm full of shit

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