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Use this music (if you want)

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Ross Scott,


I made this several years ago when I really did a lot of playing around with my Korg. I haven't messed around with it in a while but my soundclick account still remains.


The point is, i've uploaded some songs to soundclick.com. The link is below. Ross, if you want to use any of these chop them up, slice and dice to your specifications. You can take these songs and use them however you want to. In fact I would consider it an honor if you would use them, or at least just give them a listen. There's only 6 of them. They're all downloadable in mp3 format too.




Thanks for the entertainment!




Actually 'up to the challenge' started out as a christmas song with all the bells but sort of got out of hand and turned into something like, well, what has been described as belonging in an 80's action movie. Oh well, no christmas music from me.


Deluge has got to be my favorite from a technical standpoint because I got to add a lot of different effects that I didn't have available to me in the others.



Thanks for your kind words. My music is nothing serious but just a passing hobby. Even though they're on soundclick I've really never shared them with anyone online. I really kind of expected someone to say they sound like garbage. ...and that may be coming!DOH!


It would be very cool if Ross could find a use for them. I almost sent them in to the weather channel. HA but I didn't.

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I like - even though it may be though of as a "dated" sound - I hope it comes back - I enjoyed the tracks.


Up to the challenge - that so belongs in an 80's action movie -Awesome.

Deluge of Tranquillity - I like the bridge sub melody. Catchy

Mystic Rise - Belongs in a movie with Van Damme and Dolph" Lundgren!


I listened right though!


Insert *thumbs up* emotacon here.

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Downtown chase: It really felt like it belonged in a "Beverly Hills cop" sort of movie, you could easily put that song into the credits and it wouldn't feel out of place, i really liked it.

Love conquers all: For some reason it made me feel as if i was watching "Top Gun".

Up to the Challenge: I totally agree with Macikosan, it belongs in an 80's action movie.

Deluge of Tranquility: Sounds great if you want to relax, not exactly my cup of tea, but it did indeed sound nice.

Mystic rise: i have to agree again with Macikosan, it feels like fight music.

Waiting on the tide of love: It's like an 80's version of a "The Sims" song, i'm not saying it's bad, it sets a relaxed mood, like for a romantic ending or something like that.


I hope Ross uses one of your songs Aldibar!

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