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The Remove-One-Letter-From-A-Title Thread

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In this game, you pick a title of a video game, movie, television show, or book, drop exactly one letter, and you have to describe the story of the new title.


I'll begin.




It is the story of how a politician rises to power, seems to gain everything, then loses it all when the chickens come home to roost.

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The Last Tarfighter


A race of aliens that resemble amorphous blobs of tar have enslaved humanity. The tarfighters were a group of resistance members but they have all been wiped out by the aliens...save for one: The Last Tarfighter. The tarfighter must reconstitute the resistance force and free humanity from enslavement.

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Loan's Run


A banker tries to survive after he becomes unwillingly embroiled in espionage after he unknowingly approves a loan for a hitman.

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Ass Effect


A porno focusing on men slapping fat asses and watching the effect of their work rippling across their skin.

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The Big Ban Theory


What happens when a forum moderator goes too far with abuse of power and he wrongly bans the wrong person.

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Sailor Moo


The sequel to the movie Barnyard that no one asked for. This time, the bovines are on a pirate ship. For some reason.

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