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I would, but I don't give out that kind of info if I can avoid it, and I don't care enough to not avoid it.

Don't insult me. I have trained professionals to do that.

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am a pc guy... but theres just some games that come out for consoles that dont for pc. or they just arent the same...



for those reasons... i might actually get this...



i had a 360 for a while but it got red ringd... and that turned me off of microsoft....



but as shtty as they handled that red ring stuff... the xbox controller alone makes it sht on the playstations one..


not to mention.. i use windows 8 on pc, and the interface is similar on the one... cant go wrong...

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Holy sweet mother of God. Orwell was only 30 years off...


Life is just a time trial; it's all about how many happy points you can earn in a set period of time

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