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The CD audio thing reminds me of an interesting quirk with the GoldSrc engine. Pop an audio CD in your drive, any audio CD really. Load up the original Half-Life. Even in the Steam version, it'll still play the music from the CD in the drive. My friend says that Quake also does this and he found that a certain album (he says Alice in Chains - Dirt) meshes very well with the gameplay. I wonder how many other games from that era have that quirk.

I remember that happened to me when I had a burned cd (not literally burned, but songs i put on there) and it meshed well since I had Ecstasy of Gold by Ennio Morricone playing at the beginning of the game, i was like wtf?!

“Error 482: Somebody shot the server with a 12-gauge. Please contact your administrator”

“Caution Laser Caution Laser Caution Laser”

“I can now solve up to 800 problems a minute”

"I got my degree under the tutelage of Dr. Pepper."

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One reason why I watch Ross's game dungeon is I actually get really good game recommendations from it (A good example being Dungeon Siege. I hadn't even heard of the game before Ross and I've since completed it and really enjoyed it). And I had initially written off Revenant due to Ross's review because of the aforementioned difficulty spike he experienced, but decided to get it on GOG anyway. I wouldn't say I had as much of a horror story with running the game as Ross did, I did have to limit the game to 16 bit colors and force it to run in 640x480 to get it to work though.


I noticed I had a very different experience with the game and found it seemingly scratched an itch I never knew i had. The game reminds me a lot of Dark Souls due to how brutal it's combat system is but also how the game doesn't explain a lot of it's mechanics. Like Dark Souls is similar in terms of how specific stats are significantly more important than others, in it's case Endurance is a must for almost every character because it lets you move faster in armor. With Revenant it has two stats, Agility and Reflexes. I found that investing in those two made the game a lot easier. Ross's analogy of the ninja with a feather was actually a superior strategy since a lot of the tougher enemies in the game jump around a lot. I also found the game's combat system had a surprising amount of depth with it's three attacks and how you could do special moves you unlock with them. I actually don't click the left mouse button while playing it now I just chain specific attacks and use a ton of special attacks. The game is extremely grindy though and they probably upped the difficulty late into development to elongate playtime past 10 hours. It reminds me of a lot of other 90s RPGs like Baldur's Gate where if you just do what the game tells you to do inorder to beat it, you can beat the entire thing in probably 4 hours but the game is so hard you end up having to do tons of other optional content to get stronger.


I also think the movement was surprisingly good. It added something different to the game I ended up preferring to "click to move". One thing I really dislike about Diablo is how little positioning or reacting to enemies matters because all you're focused on is clicking to move and clicking to attack. It makes the game get a little tedious overtime since you're mostly just reacting to every enemy the same way. One thing I liked about Revenant was because you're physically moving your character by holding down the mouse you end up focusing less on your own attacks and focusing more on positioning. Like I was thinking more about dodging and retreating from harder engagements and when I should block, and not quickly mashing the attack button to lower the mob's HP.


I also ended up utilizing the magic system. The magic system in Revenant is actually something I really like and I feel like Ross underestimated it's usefulness. I didn't find the lack of Mana regeneration that bad as a lot of ingame food restores it and at some point you get so wealthy you can buy tons of restore mana potions. But not only that, I found it a lot easier to grasp than he made it out. Maybe because the magic system was clearly inspired by Ultima Underworld and I played that before Revenant so it came to me a lot easier (mixing runes together to form specific spells and saving them in a spellbook you can summon later). I also played Arx Fatalis which did the same thing except there you physically drew the Runes. I also didn't need to keep individual spell scrolls in my inventory as once you discover a spell it stays in the player's magic screen and shows you which runes you need to cast it. You can also physically drag spells from the spell screen into your quick select so once you discover a spell you never have to combine its runes again after that.


Moreover the magic system was surprisingly broken, there were specific spells you can get at level 1 that completely destroy most enemies that take a while to kill with just the sword. I've read a walkthrough on the game and most of the bosses are also decimated by specific spells, like the final boss can be made completely trivial with the invisibility spell. The fist fighting enemy Ross was having trouble with I also read that most people made the fight trivial using a fist fighting buff spell you can obtain and a bunch of really powerful damage dealing spells to even the odds.


The game's save system I felt also wasn't as bad as Ross made out because of the extremely useful Quicksave button. Which could be rebound, like I could rebound it to control Q and do it multiple times in a fight if I wanted. And because quicksaving saved a new file every time I could repeat a fight as much as I liked in as many places as I wanted. It's a lot better than a lot of RPG's I've played especially given you can actually rebind it since a lot of rpgs bound quicksave to some really annoying part of the keyboard like F-12. Or in most cases completely lacked it at all and force you to manually save/reload.


I do agree the maze-like levels aren't great, but I did get the minimap to work so it's not as bad as he makes out. It's clear given the technical state of the game (how it has a lot of pretty big bugs like if you talk to an NPC, quicksave, reload and talk to them again you need to leave the area or quit the game and reload to talk to them again) that Eidos rushed the game and this probably contributed to how repetitive the environments were and the overall jank to it. But it has reminded me a lot of other games I've really liked, like Morrowind and Dark Souls. It's probably the first time I really disagreed with a Ross video after playing the game he reviewed.

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My problem with games like Dark Souls is that, personally I don't like my time to be wasted, playing through the game normally is just too damn tedious, and it starts feeling less like a game, and more like a chore. I want to play a game to wind off, not wind off more pissed off.


I tried to play through Dark Souls 3 legit, and it's not like I can't beat it normally, but the game just gets soooo tedious to go through, I'm just tired of "learning" each area, I got to the third area in the game, and I just dropped it, I just got bored of it. Making any progress took forever.


I don't care what other people think about me, I got shit to do. So I decided to just give myself enough souls to hit the level cap. Now I can actually not die in two hits, and there was this one boss, which would've pissed me off, had I played through the game normally (the tree with balls), but because I cheated, I had enough health to survive one of the most bullshit attacks in the game I've seen so far. You are stuck into this forced animation, and the game just goes "nah fuck you, there goes half your health". If I hadn't cheated, that would've killed me for sure.


Just backtracking to the bosses alone is so fucking tedious. Why doesn't the game just start me again at the boss? What's the point? Why does the game enjoy wasting my time so much?


After cheating, I was able to make progress far more consistently. It actually feels like a "game" now.


Now I can really enjoy my club only playthrough. I just love the club. Cheating also allows me to learn how everything works, WAAY faster. Cheating cuts my learning time in half (i'm willing to say, more than that). I can brute force my way through everything, and losing souls no longer bothers me, and I do actively try to recover them if I can.




Cheating allows me to, pretty much cut through all the bullshit this game throws at me. It honestly feels like this game doesn't want me to have any fun at all.

This game is just too formulaic, I know how everything is going to play out anyway, why waste my time pointlessly, I know the invetiable.


I'm not going to wait for the game to stretch the more painful parts to infinity, I'll just cut the bullshit, and I'll play it my own way.

I don't know why or how, but I can often tell how the rest of the game is going to play out after a couple of minutes, and if the game is fun enough, then sure I'll push through it, but if it's something like Dark Souls 3? No thanks, I would rather unninstall the game, and move on to something else.


If cheating is an option, then I sure as hell will take it. If I had an advantage, over everyone else, why shouldn't I use it?

I know how to enjoy this game, without tearing myself apart. Why shouldn't I use the advantage? I know it'll practically make my life 100% better, I know how to use the advantage to its fullest. I don't care what people think about me, I'll do whatever it takes to enjoy a game, I don't have time for these internet dick measuring contests, what some douche thinks about me is meaningless, I'll cheat, I'll have fun, and unlike most people, I won't need to torture myself just to enjoy myself.


Video games shouldn't feel like actual work, life is hard enough as is. I don't need this crap, I just want to enjoy myself, and I don't exactly have a whole life time to play through every game I do actually care about.


Dark Souls 3 is my first Dark Souls game. I never got past the tutorial area in Dark Souls 1, so I don't really consider it to be my first game, it just had too many issues, which made it impossible to look past, and the setup time to get that game working by default, was just garbage.


This is the same issue I have with puzzle games. Look I'm not stupid, I CAN figure them out, with enough patience, but puzzles are already solved anyway. There's no reason as to why I shouldn't just look up a walkthrough. I would rather keep my level of enjoyment high, instead of torturing myself with some shitty puzzle. They are all artificial anyway.


I just don't want to waste my time on them. Given enough time I can beat any game. I've got better things to do, than to figure out some poorly designed puzzle, there's always a better game out there, waiting to be played. I don't want to be stuck here forever in puzzle hell, life is too short for shitty puzzles.


Unless I really feel like solving the puzzle itself (if it's a fun one, most of them are just painful, seeing as the designer wants you to follow his IDEA of a solution), then cheating through it won't exactly hurt how I feel about the game. I feel like being stuck on a painful puzzle is far worse, than just reading a guide, and just moving on.


That way I can keep on having fun with the game again. I can enjoy the parts I truly care about.


I don't like it when people tell me that I'm playing a game "the wrong way". What the hell are you talking about? There's no wrong way to play a game. It's a video game, not a fucking book, you can do whatever the hell you want. People just get their panties in a twist too much for my tastes, when someone just wants to play through a game, for what it is. Seriously it's a video game, how can there be a wrong way, that makes no sense at all.


What, is the video game police going to arrest me, because I cheated at Dark Souls 3? Give me a break. As if I cared enough to ruin my enjoyment over something as stupid as that. I even went as far as to cheat in Resident Evil 2, on Dolphin. I gave myself infinite ammo (255 for inf ammo), and 255 ink cartriges (they are not infinite, but finding the number should be easy enough again). Man I don't give a shit if it's part of the "challenge", sometimes I fuck up, badly, I hate it when games leave no room for error.


Maybe sometimes I just feel like saving, because I'm afraid the game might straight up crash on me, if something goes horribly wrong.

I don't want to count the times, I DIDN'T mash the Quick Save button, just to end up regretting not saving. You have no idea how many games I have given up on, just because of how tedious it got to make any progress through.


Too often I tried to power through a section, just to die in the dumbest possible way. I don't care what people say, if PC games never had save games or quick saves, I honestly would've probably given up on gaming altogether.


Man if I had known how to cheat at single player games on my own, I honestly would've done this way sooner.




I would love if Dark Souls had a mode where you can disable enemy respawns, save anywhere, and set your stats to whatever the hell you want. I honestly found the game to be a bit bland anyway, I liked the fat beer guy, but overall the game feels a bit too desolate, and the atmosphere in Dark Souls 3 is mostly non-existent. I'm tired of going through these boring ass swamps. I feel like I would probably just keep playing just to see if the environments get any better, but a lot of these early areas are so damn ugly. There's nothing of value to keep me engaged in my mind anymore.


Dark Souls made me feel like playing through Max Payne and Ratchet & Clank again instead. I don't know, I want to play something fun instead. I loved the atmosphere from Max Payne. Very often I just found myself listening to nothing at all in Dark Souls 3, no ambient noises or anything, just plain nothingness. That's so dull to me.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bu4K1giekWE (the part starting at 0:11 is so memorable to me, it's ingrained in my brain)







The sondtrack in Dark Souls 3 is honestly, way blander than I thought it would be, but man Max Payne and Ratchet & Clank have a ton of great music, and both games somehow manage to wipe the floor with Dark Souls 3, as far as even the atmosphere goes.


I mean look at this menu. It's so simple, but I love it.



This is the Dark Souls 3 menu. It's loud, it's noisy, and it's boring.



Honestly I give up on Dark Souls 3, there's no redeeming values to it in my mind. It honestly just doesn't do it for me.

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