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I'm with you Ross, fuck sticky keys! :evil:

I despise sticky keys

It's the first thing I disable on Windows installs I deal with.

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I don't know if Ross is going to read this, but if he or anyone else has the actual retail version and they cannot run the game on a modern system at all, I would be interested to know what exactly is the problem.


If the game doesn't start because it thinks you have less than 32MB of RAM, that should be fixable by running the program in compatibility mode. A more proper fix: Open the .exe in hex editor. Go to offset 0x16FFD. Change the value from 7D into EB. This turns a conditional jump into an unconditional jump. Remember to backup whenever modifying game files. I only have access to the pirate version, so I hope the offsets are the same in the original.


The bug seems to be caused by the game trying to ask the OS how much memory is available. It is using an old system API call that does not give correct results. However, a bigger issue is that the function returns a 32-bit unsigned integer, but the programmers thought it would be a good idea to treat it as a 32-bit signed integer. As a result, numbers over 2 gigs are reported as negative numbers, which makes the memory check fail.


If you're using the pirate version, it crashes in the loading screen, because it is missing ALL sounds, with the exception of the menu clicking sound. This can be fixed by inserting the missing sounds into the sound folder.


It could be that there are more game-breaking bugs than these two, but I haven't found any, and it seems to work fine on my system. Then again, I only have 3 gigs of RAM, so maybe there are hidden problems that only affect people with more RAM. The headlights in night maps work, but texture and polygon aliasing do exist, just like in Ross's video. In the first moongaming episode, I noticed that Ross complained how the game didn't save the game. My guess is that Ross did not give the game the rights to write into the game folder, so the save failed. My recommendation is to always try the compatibility mode and proper access rights when dealing with old games that have problems. Maybe it will help with crashes. I think the 21.1Hz frame rate is just due to emulation. On my rig, the fps is 30.


I have managed to change the menu screen resolution into 1024x768. I'll post a guide for that once the fix is properly done. I think it might be possible to enable higher resolutions as well, but I make no promises.


EDIT: Yeah, I wouldn't hold my breath on the fixes actually working on Ross's version. Looking at the video, the game is published by infogrames, and it's actually called Polaris SnoCross. The only version I can find is a game called "SnowCross" published by Wanadoo. I didn't even know Ross's version even exists.

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I am a big fan of instrumental music and alternative versions of any good songs that originally have lyrics in them. So here is a question about the original ingame version of Point Defiance music with muted lyrics. Can anyone release a ripped version of these songs? I tried searching up for the game version, but theres nothing. I‘d appreciate it if someone will rip the ingame music files and convert the music into a proper format.

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Since it's almost Christmas, I'd like to play Polaris SnoCross. Is there anywhere this game can still be downloaded as abandonware?

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On 12/16/2018 at 4:08 PM, BTGBullseye said:



I guess I didn't find it because I was searching for "Polaris" in the title too.


So, uh, any tips getting this to run? Under Win10 it doesn't even try (of course) while under Win95 in a virtual machine it crashes immediately on launch with a protection fault type of error that isn't useful at all.

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added question

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No clue. I stopped caring about W10 a long time ago... Gonna have to give it a retry in a few weeks though because I'm building a new gaming system for someone.


My suggestion is to do a Linux USB (runs off the USB stick) install with WINE, and see if it runs in there.

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So apparently, this game has different titles in America and Europe. Ross played the American version called Polaris Snocross. European version is simply called SnowCross and European PC version actually has the original soundtrack from the console versions instead of Point Defiance songs. How interesting.

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