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Evolution the game of intelligent life

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I remember playing this at the age of around 10 or 12 forget how exactly it got on the computer, maybe my dad installed it or it came as a demo. I can't seem to get it to run on my computer but I imagine it is what inspired spore and other games. Anyone else remember this game, I will throw in a link I found. I remember not really having an understanding of what I was supposed to be doing as a kid so being able to replay this would be awesome. It seems pretty damn hard to find.






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Hello, I see another fan of this game! :D


I made it run on Windows 10. Have you tried running it in compatibility of Windows 95 and 16-bit colours? That's how I run it on my computer.


As for gameplay, I'll help you quickly. You're supposed to bring up the evolution screen(It's called something like Evolution Status or Evolution Info), select a creature to evolve to, and allocate effort to evolving by dragging the slider so that there's more purple. And keep track of what temperature and biome every creature likes! Or they'll die.

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