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Found two copies of Darkspore at a local store today :D Didn't buy them though :3 I didn't tell the store employees about the games "death" either! :P


Why would you boast about that? Do you have a personal reason you hate that store and the customers? If you have that much general contempt for other humans, fine, but we're other humans too...

I'm sort of with Presence here. Not everyone is going to be aware of EA's practices or even that Darkspore is for intents and purposes a discontinued game, especially young and inexperienced gamers or just more casual audience. Speaking as an avowed casual gamer (I'm the kind of person who finds the idea of playing Dark Souls untenable ;p) I wasn't aware of this aspect of current gaming business modus operandi until Ross made me aware of it via Gaming Dungeon.

It would be all too easy for someone like me to pick up a copy of a game like Darkspore (especially it was going cheap) based on the bio blurbs and marketing, and not even be aware of it's imminent status as a deceased and unsupported game. I think it's safe to say that this forums typical userbase is more wise to this nonsense and cynical enough not to be duped, but imagine being a kid and having to face up to the disappointment of having bought an inherently and purposefully extinct game. It would be like that feeling of naively buying a PC game only to realize your system can't handle the specifics.


Was really just for giggles.... But now I feel like a complete dickhead.... Will remedy it next time im there.

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Was really just for giggles.... But now I feel like a complete dickhead.... Will remedy it next time im there.

You really shouldn't feel like that. Everybody gets suckered by dodgy products once in awhile.

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I'm thinking of writing some follow-up letters to letters I sent a month or so ago, as detailed in Ross's campaign for this video. I know that I want to go into more detail regarding alternatives EA could pursue instead of the business practice we all know and hate, in my last set of letters I veered more towards making the individuals aware of the moves made by Ross and other gamers regarding the indefensible modus operandi of killing games, as well as voicing my heartfelt concerns about the future reputation of big gaming companies.


I just thought I'd bring this up, as I hadn't heard much about this campaign for a while.

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