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So since there isn't a general software thread I'd figure I'd start one. Please feel free to recommend, ask for help with or post settings for various pieces of software.


Over the past couple of days I've been tinkering with OBS. I am recording to an SSD, the AMD H264 Encoder is my encoder, my target bitrate is set to 5500 and my audio bitrate is set to 64. With these settings I can produce a 1 min video that's about 50 mbs in size. If anyone else has any suggestions for settings that will decrease file size without compromising on quality let me know.





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Might want to try VBR instead of CBR if you can... It usually drops file sizes significantly.


[EDIT] Looks like it also has an MKV format option, which is an objectively better container format than MP4. Too bad it can't do HEVC encoding. (or doesn't seem to want to show the option to on my system)

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VBR definitely helped shrink the file size without reducing the quality. The 1 min video shrunk from about 50 mbs to 44 mbs. Even though that's only 6 mbs I'll take it. Any other suggestions?




Looking at this comparison of container formats here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_video_container_formats MKV is objectively better than MP4. With that said I want my footage to be as compatible as possible so I'm stuck with MP4 for now. Like for instance Youtube doesn't support MKV.


Also any suggestions for keybindings? I have start/stop recording set to shift + R .

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