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Total Distortion

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So, there's a point-and-click game that came out back when CD-ROM games were first coming out. It's called Total Distortion.


In it, you star as an up-and-coming rock entrepreneur in a pseudo-futuristic....place. You have a central base where you sleep (sleeping activates the dreaming "mini-game" where if you have a "nightmare", it drains your mental energy) and you work on producing music videos for the music industry based on adventures outside your base. Your base has stock music and video clips which you can put together into a music video in order to sell to the industry, but the big bucks come from your adventures outside the base.


Outside your base is this....realm....filled with enemies known as "Guitar Warriors". These are robots that challenge you to a "rock battle". That is, they strum their electric guitar, sending out a wave of colored energy and you have to send out a blocking wave of colored energy from your electric guitar. You have to battle this way against the guitar warriors until you kill them. While out in this "realm", you can recruit singers and other musicians to produce a "bonzai" music video.


In order to beat the game, you have to produce a music video worth $1 million and sell it so that you have enough money to take your base (which is actually a rocket ship) and blast off back to Earth.


A strange game. I never beat it. But I got intimately aware with the game over music, You Are Dead:


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I heard about this utterly weird game a while back as well. Of course, I'm also familiar with 'YOU ARE DEAD, DEAD, DEAD'. FLV games of the 90's, eh?

You mean FMV, right?


...yes, mea culpa.


also lollatereply

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