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Long time lurker here, just had a question for you CP fans. Anyone know the maps that are used in the episodes? Curious to check them out myself.


Sorry for sounding noobish at all! -bows and runs-

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Friday uses "d1_trainstation_02" and Aliens is a modified version of "d1_trainstation_04" and On a rail uses several HL2 maps. I'm pretty sure the rest use mainly custom maps.

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I think he means "where can you get the custom maps". I know that most of it is "Done in Animation" or something, but I ASSUME it's "copy and paste animation to a background". You know, like CGI, but inserting into a game.


If it's what I think it is (and what others also think it is, a lot of "what map" questions on youtube), than the custom maps have to be used, he has to run/stand around in GMOD or HL2 to use the shots for later when he pastes the animations in.


If that's true, than users would like to know what maps he's using. If it's not true, then I withdraw what I just said.

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Most of the maps are custom, and at greatest would have elements copy-pasted from Valve maps.

This appears most prominently in the episode On a Rail.

The map area at 1:50 is taken from d1_town_05 in Half Life 2.

2:15 is taken from d1_canals_05.

2:31 is taken from d1_trainstation_01 and/or 06.

3:10 is taken from d1_canals_01.

This is a nice metric server. No imperial dimensions, please.

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