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This or that?

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hm... Banana. Coconuts good but the flavor gets old after too much.

Missing a bit there... A "This/That" choice...

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Holidays. They're really the same though... Parents make you work when school doesn't.


TF2 or BFBC2?

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motivation. forced labor = controversy. need none of that right now.


Half full or half empty?

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Half full of air, half empty of whatever liquid it was previously entirely empty of...


Time travel or immortality?

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Pizza. Lobotomy with a rusty pry bar would kill you. Plus, pizza's awesome.

Herpty derp or derpty herp?


Neither... I hate both.


...I died on the inside when I read that. Arc the Lad is teh awesomeness to meh. D: You could have at least just picked one randomly. -_-

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Crates, they're better than aliens. Plus they can break your fall.


Speaking of which, Aliens or robots?

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