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I have played this game. and i can tell you with complete sincerity that it is one of if not the top game of 2019 for me. But i must warn you, do not look up a walkthrough or playthrough of this game unless you absolutely have to. You advance in this game not by collecting items or upgrades, but by collecting knowledge. there is nothing stopping you from beating the game before the first cycle. you just dont know how. to give an example, there is the planet giant's deep. an ocean covered planet with perpetual cyclones and a current under the surface preventing anything from getting too deep. there is a simple trick to get underneath, but you discover that trick on another planet trying to do a different objective. 


this game has an amazing soundtrack, dynamic worlds, good writing, and a simple art style. i cannot recommend it enough. Also i dont know why it is still classified as early access since the game seems to be finished from what i've seen.

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This game was awe inspiring from beginning to end, and the only way to appreciate it is to go in blind. Avoid any spoilers before going in in order to get the full experience, I didn’t even watch any trailers when I got it, I saw a streamer doing the introduction and I bought it before he even left the planet.

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Sorry, but I just couldn't get into it. If you enjoy dying a lot, and if you enjoy reading a lot, while cluelesly trying to piece everything togheter, then I guess this is the game for you, but if you like something a bit more with a structure, this is probably not the right game. I personally got a headache after playing, I just don't have the patience for something like this. I like some of the ideas, but, the plot is too difficult for me to get, it's too dense for me.


Again, you really have to enjoy reading, a lot, pretty much anything (even if it's just the shampoo's label). I hate reading, and I personally just found it mostly tedious if anything.


Most of the dialogue is just skippable anyway, you are just trying to fill up this map, the game tells you which areas to go in, which is nice I suppose, but to me that kinda defeats the point of trying to piece things togheter, and honestly, it just says to me, that the game is too damn big, and it's too damn open. It's just too easy to miss something small. And the game will often tell you, "hey moron, you missed something, there's more to explore, GO BACK."


Ughhhh.... really, blah, I have to land on the stupid planet again, and did Auto Pilot just kill me? Great, now I have to go through the whooole intro area again. Can't I just start in damn space, or at least inside the space ship, or I don't know, can't I get some actual save games? So that I don't need to re-do the same stupid trip, fifty thousand times. Good god, why is this game so unforgiving, what the hell is this? Why even have death in something like this, I just wasn't a fan of it, and it completely ruined any sense of wonder, and any sense of exploration I had.


Don't get me wrong, you don't lose any progress, but jeez man, you are not putting me in the mood like this. The game's just wasting my time for no reason. I just don't understand. I'm leaving this vague for reasons, you'll understand once you get through the first five minutes.


If you want to see what space looks like, you can always play Space Engine, if you are looking for that kind of niche instead. Otherwise, I don't know, it didn't grab me. You mostly fly around, click on stuff, read on stuff, but I really find the gameplay really harsh, I was expecting a fairly relaxed, easy game, but this is not it.


Initially I was really confused by the fact that, this game had fall damage.



It's not the game I was expecting at all. I was expecting some cute, comical adventure, but instead I got lots of text, the world's most annoying space ship, and the game is almost too open for me, I don't know. I just don't like a lot of the mechanics, this is an exploration game, and yet the game wants me to survive. Having to worry about, oxygen, my health, my spaceship, is just not doing it for me. I seriously wouldn't care if there was a baby mode, where the spaceship just goes where you want it to go, with no inertia, and if you could just turn off all the stuff that could kill you.


To me this ruins the game, I want to explore, but the environment is so hostile, and I just keep dying over and over again, over the most minor things, meaning that I keep getting more frustrated, when I ACTUALLY MANAGE TO FIND SOMETHING, only to just, randomly die, because the game goes, "hey dumbass, oblivously you had to do THIS VERY SPECIFIC THING". Jeez, thanks game.


I really didn't like it, and I honest to god gave it a shot. It also kept wasting my time for no good reason at all. Dying didn't add anything of value.

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Incredible game, if you like pseudo-physics, this game is for you.

Haven't played it myself, but watched a let's play of it (I have a crappy machine) so I can't attest of it's controls, but the soundtrack fits amazingly, the mysteries are beautiful and the story line really encaptivating.

This is partially a cosmic horror kind of game so it also contains jump scares, so be warned.


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