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Postal 2 aged terribly. There is enjoyment to be found in Postal's 2 base game, but those moments are diamonds in the rough. Postal 2's dlc is worse.

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Personal awards for this game:
All Time Favorite

Somebody Cared


Multiple Dude Personalities



If this is RWS's (The company, not Ross's initials) way of making up for the fiasco that was Postal 3, they absolutely made up for it. Hell, having Rick Hunter AND Corey Cruise play both versions of the Dude should be a highlight.


Paradise Lost recommendation: Better stock up on the good guns and some bladed weapons by Friday when all hell breaks loose. Play some of the fastest, heaviest music you got, and start the murdering (and peeing)


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Welp, now what?

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Its more Postal 2, but with a post-apocalyptic-old-west style reskin on the whole original Postal 2 map and a split personality disorder for the Dude.

The dlc is as janky as the base game but playable unlike Postal 3, an easy buy if you enjoy the base game.

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Doesn't have the same charm as the original five days, but still a great addition to the absurd, weird, but silly and funny gameplay of Postal 2.

Fun fact: Postal 2 is illegal in New Zealand, where I live, and I'm risking a $10,000 fine by simply owning it 😕

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