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Welcome to the late Halloween episode that I’m actually okay with being late! This wasn’t the original plan, but this past month has been a series of mild crises + rapid plan alterations. I feel like Halloween this year for Game Dungeon was a solid fumble that was recovered.  Here’s the result!

Here is the Halloween-Sampler-Pack-turned-Halloween-episode! My plans got VERY derailed this year, but this is actually a very solid stand-in. The number of small edits I had to do on this one were a bit boggling, possibly a record for the series, but I’m quite pleased with how this came out. Anyway, while this is all I have for Halloween, since it’s going to be over soon, I have something else planned coming before too long. Check back in a few days!

October videochat with fans. At new location. I ramble a bit at first, but then get to the point. Halloween videos coming soon! Freeman’s Mind should be coming November! Videos!

Here’s the first Halloween Game Dungeon! I’m starting this far later than I intended, but expect more Halloween coming this month! This is the first video recorded at my new location and I haven’t gotten the audio ironed out completely yet, but was able to make it better with filtering.

The website is still partially completed, but hopefully this posts.

I’m going to attempt a videochat with fans this weekend at 2PM UTC on October 27th at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. This one is at an earlier time than usual for reasons that will be explained in the chat. More Game Dungeon is coming very soon, more Freeman’s Mind coming next month. Going to be very busy between now and Halloween! 

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