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Freeman’s Mind returns! I never intended to have this long a gap between episodes, but with my recording situation upended for a good chunk of past year, that was the sole reason for the delay. Things have stabilized though and this year I hope to make up for the relative lack of Freeman. This one was a longer episode where I would have normally split it into two different ones, but I figured with there being such a long absence, it would be better to push it farther. It kind of showed in production to be honest, since I think I had to deal with more individual bug fixes than any other episode (though not as serious as others I’ve encountered before). That’s the magical Source engine.

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It's more that people have a question, and don't even consider the possibility that the creator might have used the description to preemptively answer it. Even when that question is as major as "Who besides you contributed to the video's content?" and credits are a well-established thing in our society.


To some extent this is YouTube's fault. From day one, they've considered the video descriptions so unimportant that they've been mostly-hidden by default. (And no other site does that. Not DeviantArt, not Newgrounds, not even Imgur which 99% of the time is just used to rehost other people's pictures for hotlinking elsewhere.) So people get in the habit of not even thinking about them. There are a number of ways in which YouTube is staggeringly backward, and this is one of the bigger ones.


Anyway. Great episode. Like everyone else I'm surprised that you went to the trouble of having the game modded (well, custom-mapped) just for something so simple, but I guess we're all still used to the days when you didn't have the resources to do anything fancier than holster your weapon and noclip your way up a short wall. I'm guessing there are going to be more moments like this in store down the line.


Which brings up a good question: Were there any moments in the first series where you wanted to do something fancy like that but had to do without?

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