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October 2016 Update

I have some developments stacking up to the point where I thought I should maybe make an update:

-I recently had a small crisis where the air quality became so bad in my apartment I had trouble breathing. It happened practically overnight, it seems to be the result of some sort of mildew growth. I cleaned the ENTIRE room, disassembled and moved out all the furniture, pulled up the carpet, pretty much went in full assault mode to sanitize everything. Currently, it seems to be solved, however it’s possible it occurred due to some growth coming in from the outside of the walls of the apartment, I don’t know yet. Either way, I can currently at least breathe well enough to complete the next video.

-The problem above set me back quite a bit time-wise on the videos. Because of this, I’m afraid I’m only going to have one Game Dungeon out this year for Halloween, but it will be a longer one. I was hoping to have one additional one, but I figured better to have one good one than two unfinished ones and nothing to show for it.

-I’m still making up for lost time, but I’m hoping to still have some sort of live event in Zombie Panic Source with fans for either this weekend or Halloween. Right now I don’t want to commit to anything until I have a better sense of how far along I am on the next video, but check back on Friday or Saturday and I’ll have an update on what’s going on with that.

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Don't worry about it, health comes first!

Hopefully the problem with the air quality is more or less solved, that can be a dangerous issue.

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Hi Ross,

Just a few questions for you. Have you recently acquired new pets or changed laundry detergents? If you really do have a mold problem that is causing major respiratory distress that could be quite serious. If you can't identify a separate source for the issue then I would get out of there ASAP.



A mycologist fan

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Have you told the landlord about it? Wouldn't want yourself or others in the apartment complex getting sick.

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Health is most precious thing humans have. So do what you got to to preserve it

Jack O'Neill: "You know Teal'c, if we dont find a way out of this soon, im gonna lose it. Lose it... it means go crazy. nuts. insane. bonzo. no longer in possession of ones faculties. 3 fries short of a happy meal. WACKO!!!!!!!!"

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Ross, take care of yourself first. Mold can be really nasty & continue to mess you up if it's not 100% eliminated. I don't mind waiting for the next video. Your health is much more important.

"Evil will always triumph because good is dumb."

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I lived in a ground floor apartment where the air was very humid. We had mildew stains popping up all the time, especially in the bathroom. You can use bleach to clean up mildew stains, by the way - we did that all the time. After a year or so living there, I couldn't breathe well and was diagnosed with asthma. Meds didn't help much. At some point I bought a de-humidifier. This helped especially during the cold seasons, when we couldn't keep windows open all day. Another lesson I learned was to not hang clothes to dry in the apartment, if you can help it. That water evaporates and gets in your walls. Anyway, I moved from that apartment a year ago and guess what, no more asthma problems.


TLDR: buy a hydrometer; if the air humidity is too high, get a de-humidifier and keep windows open as much as possible. Clean all mildew stains as soon as you spot them. Look in every corner of the room, especially dark corners behind closets/cabinets etc. This shit can be quite hazardous to your health.

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Gonna add to the 'dude get a dehumidifier' line o posts. Take whatever time you need. You say it's only a room? Have you asked the landlord to make sure none of the surrounding apartments are affected? I dunno if that's possible where you live or even adviseable just 'maybe it's creeping in from elsewhere or it's set up a backup colony in somebody else's pantry.' Wouldn't want that to become the 'gift' that keeps on giving.


As for cleaning. Yea, removing EVERYTHING down past the carpet layer is a good start. Run a dehumidifier at lkea (I dunno since mine was this old one with dials) 7 or so. My basement apartment had a problem where first the water heater started leaking and I didn't realize it til floor damage started, ten the AC unit started backing up months later. Was not a fun time, but even a used dehumidifier (mine was off the local yard sale scene) so long as it works would be of immense help. Just make sure you're able to empty thing when it stops or otherwise find a water level the catch can get at you can move it and keep an eye on it. It'll be clean(ish) water unless you let algea grow in the catch tank. I wouldn't wash my hair with it, but clean enough for pets, or watering plants, or the like.

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It seems Ross has displeased Nurgle. If he has turned into a Great Unclean One by the time he uploads his next videochat then I think he'll have smoothed things over with the forces of chaos.



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they pass their abuse from ear to ear

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even now, when prayers are no longer prayed.

What sounds like violent coughing

turns out to be laughter.

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