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  1. Waiting to hear back after my interview
  2. Over on the left is the caliber of my art skills
  3. Yeah but then Siivagunner also uploads 69 Kingdom Hearts rips at once all the while introducing a new joke nearing the level of Puzzleroom that causes 3000 people to unsubscribe. Then they upload a really good Fusion Collab Classic Siivagunner
  4. Siiva is just doing they're annual Upload a bunch of Kingdom Hearts rips with random jokes(Loud noises and beans) and a bunch of reverb. You aren't missing much. If you were talking about OneyPlays, I don't now man. Right now all of Chris' videos feature some of the other SleepyCabin guys (Corey, Jeff, etc) so if you're into that then... Also, what is wrong with funny scream man?
  5. It's days like this where I regret subbing to SiIvagunner.
  6. 8/10 for >nohooves Its a Festivus theme you cretin. It just happens to feature a Santa hat
  7. When i read that in the other thread, I thought that your new mobo burned out your CPU. Glad to hear that isn't the case at least. I got this a few weeks ago, but I wasn't posting then.
  8. Waiting for HR to reply to me about an application.
  9. I liked that you at least tried to decipher my gutter speak. ostensibly = purportedly, but perhaps not actually eponymous = referring to the name of something I assumed that you like the character Ratchet from Ratchet and Clank. I respect that because as far as I know, its not the most popular series out there. But hey, maybe you're using the name ironically :V
  10. I respect that you ostensibly like the eponymous Ratchet. Obviously not. He hasn't reached critical mass yet.
  11. i like that you haven't yet reached critical mass and taken down the website
  12. Damn dudes. I just came into some money. I've got some history with a couple of people round here so I figured I'd share the love. I just need y'all to send me onefiddy dollars each and I can split it with you. I was told that there isn't much time and this chance "will not last quick." So get back to me within the next day.
  13. Dang, I need a 15,000 word essay. If only there was some website I could go to that would ostensibly help me.
  14. I get all my software news from HomestarRunner.net That's HomestarRunner.net "It's Dot Com!" Also that Armageddon/Deep Impact joke
  15. Well, I imagine tor will get pretty popular in Kazakhstan if it can even help in this situation. I don't really know much about it anyway
  16. I have interest in Reach pretty much exclusively. That was PEAK halo for me.
  17. I can't believe Final Fantasy sold out to Final Fantasy II
  18. OT: Kenshi was another game that I bought recently (months ago really but I want to mention it.) Kenshi is a fantastic Survival Action RPG where you roam a post apocalyptic fusion of Japan and the Middle East. The gameplay loop is really interesting as your characters get experience from getting the crap beaten out of them. As such, encounters rarely end in death. It is more likely that you will get knocked out and wake up missing medicine and food than outright killed. That is unless you were knocked out by a slaver or wild predator. Then you are far worse off as you must live you life out as a slave (until you escape) or you are slowly eaten alive (which does result in game over if you are alone.) Once you've gathered enough followers and trained them well enough, you can start a settlement and become self sufficient. Just don't expect everyone to leave you in peace.
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