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  1. Would have been more interesting to present the comparison as file A and file B without saying which is which and ask people which they prefer, both to eliminate expectation bias (although you could easily check the file details if you wanted) and to bring the focus away from the number itself and more to the effect the number actually has on the video. I don't care either way myself, for my bad eyes the effect is subtle enough that I can't really tell it from my enemy; the placebo effect.
  2. Isn't it just a matter of replacing the pain grunt wav with one that is completely silent? Could be done as easily as supplying a little wad, assuming Doom's wad system is hierarchical like the next iD games.
  3. This is awesome exactly because it is just 1 episode, I can't imagine it staying hilarious and awesome for more than 5-8 episodes. EDIT: Oh and there is one detail that annoys me in this video: Ross didn't mute the default Doom guy's pain grunt, it sticks out like a sore thumb (for me at least).
  4. Oh god my ribs. This made me laugh a lot more than the last 20+ episodes of Freeman's Mind have, combined. The voice, the jokes, the catchphrases, the awesome gun sounds complementing the voice... It is just brilliantly executed. After a "Oh shut the FUCK up!" you get the incredibly satisfying shotgun blast sound. I have to check out this mod some time. If this had been made in default Doom it wouldn't have been remotely as entertaining.
  5. The government has more than once stated that they will attack with nukes if they feel threatened by some enemy country, most recently after the United Nations agreed to punish them (yet again). Whether there is any ground under those threats they are alone in the world and I suppose their nukes and army help them live in blissful ignorance.
  6. Well yes, but N-Korea's government isn't smart enough to realize that.
  7. The only country capable of starting one of these is N-Korea.
  8. That is very odd. NewDark ships with the ffmpeg dll, so no codec installation is needed, the cutscenes should play on everyone's systems...
  9. The SS2 community was quick to notice (the show begins around post 30), and as some one who has often played the game over the years and used a variety of fan patches and mods I observed this myself just from a quick look at the install folder's structure and config file settings. As for the video issue, NewDark uses ffmpeg for video playback, if you need compatibility mode for this to work right something is definitely wrong, I have not seen any one report such a problem before that I can remember.
  10. SS2 has been pretty stable on modern systems for many years now thanks to DDfix and its successor NewDark. GOG themselves didn't do jack, the GOG version is just patched with SS2Tool, with no other modifications, not even to the config files. Basically it uses the NewDark patch (developed from the leaked source code) and some other smaller community patches. Which makes some of the comments in the Rock Paper Shotgun interview a pretty cold slap in the face for the people who actually developed these patches and released them long before the GOG release happened. Never the less this is a fantastic release, SS2 is in my top 3 of all time favourite games. Even though I still own my original CD copy from 1999 I'm tempted to put the game into my GOG game library just for the cool factor and future proofing myself a little better. It is a bit like STALKER in that it is flawed in many ways and a difficult son of a bitch, but incredibly fun and satisfying to play once you get past that initial threshold.
  11. Isn't that a bit too personal to be discussed publicly? Any ways, I hope Doom 4 gets a good acceleration in 2013, maybe not its release but at least some media releases. I've watched some Dead Space 3 videos and all I can say is meh. There is nothing left of the magic of the first game, now it is just constant, non-stop action and noise. I liked walking slowly, exploring the Ishimura without being attacked all the time. Hell I think the number of big actiony bits in Dead Space 1 can be counted with my fingers.
  12. If I was a wizard this wouldn't be happening.
  13. Why didn't you just mod the original Doom 3 at the time then? There were plenty of gun flashlight mods just weeks after the game's release.
  14. As a hardcore iD Software fan this opinion perplexes me. They basically made an already easy game even easier by needlessly adding more ammo to the levels and ditched the darkness as a factor of making fights more challenging. I was already strolling through a park on Nightmare difficulty and hitting max ammo on all my guns as early as the Alpha Labs. The game's balance was on the edge as it was, they not only pushed it down the cliff but made a giant rock fall down and crush it for good measure. I don't consider myself an abnormally good player but I get the feeling I really am if they felt these changes were a good idea. And I never really understood the darkness being such a problem. Maybe for me as a night-blind gamer I picked up a lot of tricks that edge me past other people in finding and fighting my way in darkness? I hardly ever needed to use the flashlight during combat, I used it mostly for exploration and item hunting. The iD Software I loved died after Doom 3's release in 2004. The expansion was great as well but it wasn't made by them for the most part.
  15. That is nothing short of impressive, looking very much forward to trying it out. I agree with him that the alien grunts really needed a health buff, but 250!? I would settle for like 130 or 140.
  16. If Ross released the raw voice recordings in wav it could really let people with way too much free time have some fun with it.
  17. I would be fine with underwater sections if the visibility wasn't piss poor. I found underwater sections in the old days of alpha blending (Quake, Quake 2, Hexen 2, Red Faction...) an absolute nightmare. And most recently I found myself needing god mode in Black Mesa because I couldn't see shit in the dirty water in that game, and that is a problem when there are giant fishes around with an appetite for meat. It was only out of luck that I made 2 lucky hits with the crossbow. The only old games that I remember off the top of my head as having good underwater visibility are Unreal and Half-Life. That's it.
  18. I can easily respect people's sexuality, but personally I don't find the idea of lesbians making love to be a turn-on. Likewise I respect when people feel they were born into a wrong body, but based on how I learned about guys and girls over my lifetime that said person will need a sex change operation or a very good outfit to make me see him/her as the opposite sex s/he was born as.
  19. We will just have to agree to disagree, maybe you have no difficulties but I personally find it very difficult to see someone with a penis and a deep voice as a woman, Whoopi Goldberg being a rare exception on the latter term.
  20. This poll is not very reliable for various reasons. a) Women on the internet frequently pretend to be guys behind the anonymity to avoid getting unwanted attention from the basement dwellers whose ideas of women have been carefully crafted from RPGs and/or comics. b) The third poll option. c) People can vote for the gender they want to be, not the gender they actually are, like Alyxx Thorne for instance.
  21. Ah, Google, the kings of customer support and accessibility.
  22. Metro 2033 has amazing atmosphere but I would rather cut off my fingers one by one with garden clippers than play that horrible mess of a game again. The checkpoint placement is inconsistent and some times sadistic at best, the stealth mechanics are seriously broken just like the AI, the gas mask mechanic is bloated and just gets in the way, and the game expects you to have played it at least once before you can properly play it thanks to the many time trials you face. Not to mention Metro falls victim to including a pointless, teeth grindingly frustrating stuck-to-a-vehicle-shooting-bad-guys section. STALKER with all its bugs and broken AI is pure bliss in comparison and remains one of my all time favourite games. In fact I feel like doing another run of Shadow of Chernobyl in the near future, possibly with a real-time modification. The fundamental difference is that STALKER lets me play the game my way, Metro 2033 is a one-size-fits-all attempt, and a really bad one at that.
  23. The only reason Ubisoft fixed it so promptly was because the vulnerability was made public. Had it been reported to them privately it would probably have taken Ubi's programmers weeks or even months to get around to fixing it. For the sake of publicity they had to act right away since all the major game sites had already reported on this. Supposedly the vulnerability was limited to a Uplay browser plugin which Uplay secretly installs into people's browsers without their knowledge or consent. That sort of secrecy is a pretty prominent theme of spyware malware digital rights management.
  24. No no, you just worded your message rather vaguely and I wanted to poke fun at the irony. As long as people keep the flow of the conversation going I think it is fine to post replies of any size, it is just when somebody breaks the flow with entirely irrelevant/disruptive posts I see it as spamming. If a conversation goes too far off the rails set by the thread there is often the option to split it into a new thread of course. Doctor Felix's "Overpost and piss off mods" is something I would categorize as disruptive and therefore spamming. While it is "kind of" on-topic it does provoke a derail and possibly even a quarrel, and a derail did indeed happen following this post. Now, speaking of on-topic...
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